ZZAY Lets You Slow Down and Relax With Her Transcendent Single “Golden Daze”

The voice for young Xicana’s ZZAY is back with another soulful single titled “Golden Daze”. Being a singer/songwriter and rapper has helped ZZAY positively influence young Latina women while she pushes herself to lead by example. Embracing her roots and using them to her advantage to fight adversity, whether she channels her inner strength or the bliss of her friend Mary Jane, ZZAY brings power and an ambient atmosphere all in one.

Especially with her single “Golden Daze” alongside music video (directed by Day Hernandez), featuring ZZAY as beautiful and bright as the sun, spending her golden days in a transcendent daze. Director Day Hernandez indulged herself in this music video by creating a variety of conceptual shots that genuinely establish the dream-like atmosphere with top-flight and beautiful visuals.

Opening with nostalgic keyboards moving into down-tempo R&B production, “Golden Daze” begins incredibly serene. As ZZAY’s vocals make their appearance, she shines over the song with angelic vocals that bring a mellow yet highly intoxicating atmosphere. With intriguing production elements, “Golden Daze” brings timeless R&B vibes, primarily through ZZAY’s lyrics like “yes I’m a kid at heart but my soul been here many lives.”

Not to mention her breathtaking performance and imagery in her music video put together by Day Hernandez, the scenes of smoke slowly leaving ZZAY’s lips to give off such peaceful aspects, while Day also brings in well thought out and sublime visuals of a beaming/golden sun, smoking guitars and capturing ZZAY in her natural habitat on stage, it’s clear Day had a clear-cut vision to let ZZAY’s natural talent shine. From a sequin bodysuit reflecting the golden sun to ZZAY’s divine performance and Day Hernandez’s layered concepts, “Golden Daze” lets you enjoy these down-tempo days.

Listen to "Golden Daze" here.



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