16 Year Old Emmrose Delivers Another Beautiful Single “Hopeless Romantics”

Living in New York City, Emmrose is a 16-year-old artist currently attending Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts as a junior while writing, recording and performing her music all at the same time! Not in it for the fame, her passion is to share her poetic lyrics and introspective music which is inspired by famous Alt-Pop stars such as Billie Eilish and Lorde. Indie-Pop singer Emmrose released a single earlier in September called “Tonight” which is just shy of 30k views. With such a talented mature voice, Emmrose is on fire and taking the Indie- Pop genre to a whole new level with her new single “Hopeless Romantics”. Her soaring vocals and intricate melodies will surprise you and have you second-guessing that she's only 16. 

“Hopeless Romantics”, along with all her music is so beautifully constructed with intelligent, insightful and inspiring lyrics and it's unbelievable that your listening to such young talent. Emmrose really highlights her vocal ranges and effectively demonstrates this throughout the song by exploring the upper and lower limits of single notes, truly a well trained and seasoned performer. We love this song and will definitely be sharing it and replaying it. We look forward to this bright future you have ahead of you, Emmrose and we can't wait to be able to say 'We heard it first".

Listen to "Hopeless Romantics" here.

Emmrose, welcome to BuzzMusic! We are blown away to find out you are only 16 years old. With such a beautiful voice, have you received vocal training or did you practice and learn on your own? I have had real vocal training, outside and inside the school. I used to really like performing in musicals as a kid, and now I study classical music at La Guardia High School. I really like writing my own music, and with that, I work with a private instructor and my bandmates.

What's the overall message you're trying to portray throughout “Hopeless Romantics”? Is it based on personal experience or about someone in particular? I don’t really want to get into it. But yes. I don’t like “flings”, so the lyrics are pretty much what happened. Word by word.

Did your love for poetry spark your musical artistry? I wouldn’t say sparked, but it certainly helped a lot!  I’ve been writing songs for a while, and a few years after was when I really got into writing poetry.

What's your journey been like into the world of a music artist? It’s been awesome playing shows around the city, and I really like working in the recording studio. This year I got a sync licensing deal with Secret Road, and that’s pretty amazing. I really look forward to working with them! It’s been crazy to put my songs out into the world, especially with how long I’ve been working on them.

Thanks so much for chatting Emmrose. We can’t wait to hear more from you. What do you have planned for 2020? I’m gonna keep writing and performing as much as I can! Definitely a few more singles, and hopefully an EP! I’m super excited about this upcoming year!