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16 Year Old Ruggo Blows Our Minds

Ruggo (a.k.a. Ryan Sheerer) is a 16 year old artist from Sylmar, California. Ruggo began rapping at the age of 13 and began performing at the age of 14. He has opened for artists such as B-Real of Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, WC and SugaFree, to name a few. He has released his debut album in August 2018 titled “Growing Pains”, which featured artists such as GIJoe_OMG, Glasses Malone, PacMan da GunMan and McKinley Ave. The album had production credits from SpaceNTime, Mike Kalombo and ThaRuGGRat. He has just released an EP called “Written in the Stars”, and his music features a message of overcoming obstacles and positivity.

“Feenin” is a single from Ruggo’s EP titled “Written in the Stars”. The beats are instantly catchy with an unmistakable trap feel. The pacing of the song is fantastic, complete with thoughtful lyricism from this young artist, and the tasteful qualities of a beat that weaves in and out as necessary. The lyrics themselves shine through with a sense of intent, honesty and emotion. Each chorus is dripping with the quality only a catchy hook can bring, and the overall arrangement of the song shows a restraint, taste and expertise one would not usually expect from an artist who is only 16 years of age. We highly recommend you check out “Feenin” and the rest of the tracks Ruggo has to offer!

Listen to "Feenin" here and catch up with the latest from Ruggo in our interview below!

Thanks for catching up with us! Would you describe a bit about your background and how you got into music, production, songwriting, etc?

My background in music has always been something that’s stuck with me since birth. I grew up listening and being influenced by a lot of the music my father was listening to at the time, so i always had a love for it. As far as the craft goes, I feel that the creativity has always been in me, and it was just time to let it out. So around the age of 12 i started writing raps to beats i would find online, and from there it progressively turn into something more serious.

Who would you describe as your biggest artistic influences?

My biggest artistic influences as of this moment would have to be Saba, Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, and a lot of artists like these who put time into their craft. I’ve always respected music for the quality put into it, and so seeing these artists doing it made me want to do the same with my own twist on it.

It’s hard to believe that you’re only 16 years of age! Did you really only start rapping a few years ago, or do you feel that music is always something that has come naturally to you?

Ever since a kid I had an ear for music. The first time I was ever recorded and put into a song was when I was 3 years old. But since then, music started becoming a big passion of mine around the age of 12, which is when I knew i had something in me that had to be shown.

You’ve collaborated a great deal with other producers and artists. Do you find that working with others can help to stimulate your own ideas and creativity?

I really enjoy collaborating with other artists because there’s always something to learn and incorporate into your own style. Creativity isn’t something that’s necessarily unique to one specific person, but everyone has their different sounds and likings of certain styles. So it all goes back and forth between other producers and artists.

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

As of right now, I’m focusing on a record that will showcase the true essence of what makes me. I plan on taking as much time needed with this project to capture everything I can, so I can’t say when it’ll be coming out. But things are definitely in the works, and i’m excited to show the world what i have cooking.



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