2019 Sees Richard Berger Release 3 Psychadelic Tracks

Richard Berger has had a huge 2019 in terms of releases the artist had! Richard Berger is the type of artist that consistently maintains that cool and atmospheric vibe. You'll listen to tracks like "In My Head" and immediately resonate with what we just said. There are jazz elements added to Richard Berger's "In My Head" which we personally loved. Jazz elements added to the general sounding of Richard Berger make for the most relaxing and calming track we've heard in some time. Richard Berger's voice easily glides across your senses without any hesitation, but with tons of hypnotization.  Another track that we've seen from Richard Berger this year was titled "Listen to Me". That same iconic trill ambiance is established as soon as the track begins. That collection of synths creating that psychedelic melody is the pinnacle of Richard Berger's sound. We absolutely adore this characteristic of Richard, and genuinely hope to see it in the music to come! Richard Berger's second single release of 2019 has been "All the Love". The track features a contrasting vocal performance to the previous two tracks, as here, Richard really focuses on a deeper and more fuller sounding. He also adds a few fun elements into the mix of his track, amplifying that psychedelic attribute even further. We're loving the soundings of Richard Berger. We are thrilled to announce his final single of 2019 “Where Did It Go”! We know you'll be intrigued by all of Richard's releases as well, so check out the soundings of Richard Berger below! 

Listen to Richard Berger here

Hi there Richard Berger! Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic! Let's get right into the music. How did you feel about the releases of 2019 on your end? Do you believe that your artistry transformed from the first release to the last one?

I have been working on a collection of songs that will all be part of my upcoming album in 2020. With the release of “Where Did It Go” on 12/27, there will be 4 singles available. Each song has its own story and vibe. And while I have a certain style, I don’t try to force a specific sound for every song, rather, I let each song develop individually. I just do my best tell the story both lyrically and musically. So yes, I think there is always a bit of a transformation between songs and releases, but ultimately they will all fit together on the album.

What a crazy year it's been for you and your music! Can you walk our readers through all of the highlights your music career has seen this year?

My first EP was released around this time in late 2018. Since then, I have been writing and recording the new album. I like to release singles every few months as I finish them so there isn’t such a long gap between releases and I can try to stay engaged with my audience. This year, I have seen 2 of my songs surpass 25,000 streams on Spotify which has been a great surprise. 

Your sound features the incredible use of keyboard soundings, which really aid in creating that psychedelic and atmospheric feeling. Was this the environment you were aiming to establish for your listeners?

Thank you. The new songs definitely have more analog synth sounds and in particular, feature the Roland Juno-60. I wanted to create a dreamy, chill vibe to take listeners on a bit of journey. 

What's the most important characteristic of your music that you wouldn't be able to create without?

 Hmm, good question. While the synths and guitars can create a great atmosphere and soundscape for the songs, I am at heart all about melody. So for me, each song should come across even when completely stripped down of all the tracks and effects with just a vocal and piano.

You have a single ready to release in a few days! That's very exciting! Tell us and our readers a bit more about the future release of "Where Did it Go”?

Where Did It Go is the title track and 4th single of my upcoming album. It is definitely the most personal song i have ever written and is definitely a little different than my other songs musically. It is song about loss...something that you can never get back. Musically, I feature a blend of analog strings and lush pads throughout over a grand piano… and a touch of synth accents. 

Thanks again Richard Berger for coming on BuzzMusic to talk about your music! What're the next steps for you artistically?

Thanks for having me. In 2020, I will be focused on completing the album and I will always be looking to write my next song.