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5 Question With Aggie

What prompted you to pursue a music career?

It's not really about a career but about earning a living doing what one loves. I love music, I want to create and build a planform big enough to be able to, in the future, support other artists and music related initiatives. As an artist I want to have total control over my creations, simple reason why I decided to go indie.

What has been your biggest struggle as an upcoming artist?

Collecting funds is the hardest part, I currently have a normal office job and I simply put all I make in the development of my music. It is never easy, its most of the time a broke ride of making and investing without seeing any income back, but it is the price one has to pay to grow. On the other hand, once you take a decision to sacrifice all your time, powers and will into something You love... if you believe, money is going to come too.

How would you describe your musical sound?

I sound like me 🙂

What was the inspiration behind “I might” and its music video?

As a woman and an artist who is just starting, entering the music industry and letting herself seen out there, I am in certain ways expected to fit in, there are certain stereotypes of an image that sells that comes to mind when thinking about woman in todays music world, I want to stand out by being myself, no matter if the weird me sells or not... I refuse to put my music and myself in a ready-to-sell-pretty-pack. I want to be real, tell real stories and leave people thinking... that's my purpose.

What are some of your goals for your music this year?

Release a lot of music, play plenty gigs, shoot amazing videos and get a hot feature 🙂


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