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Thomas Orlina Infuses Energy & Lust Into Vibrant New Single, “Tell Me Your Name”

Filipino-American singer-songwriter, producer, host, and advocate Thomas Orlina is igniting senses everywhere with his latest steamy release, "Tell Me Your Name."

This recent track marks a new era of music for Thomas Orlina, still maintaining his love for beat-driven EDM tunes but with a more personal, authentic touch. He's a big believer in expressing yourself freely, and his latest single champions exactly that.

Orlina confesses, "The truth is, I am a very sextual person...I think when the music video comes out next month for Pride, it's going to surprise people. I've spent my whole life caring about what others think about me, which fed into my insecurities." Now, he's shedding his old skin and embracing anew, not caring about what the world has to say. And we're loving every minute of it.

Hitting play on "Tell Me Your Name," we're bulldozed by a riveting electronic beat with sizzling synths and a wicked bassline that leaves our jaws on the floor. As Thomas Orlina makes his breathy and attention-commanding vocal appearance, he wastes no time getting to the goods and confessing his desire for someone special, telling them never to be ashamed of who they are.

While that's happening, Thomas Orlina's sonics are starting a virtual fire, sparking our speakers with killer production that keeps the energy high and mighty. Thomas Orlina's vocal performance is incredibly engaging and animated—his natural charisma is palpable. But what makes this song top-tier is the message underneath: embrace who you are, love yourself, and get out there, hot stuff!

It doesn't get much better than exhilarating electronic tracks with deeper meaning, and that's precisely what you get with Thomas Orlina's latest single, "Tell Me Your Name." Find it on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Thomas! We're head over heels for your vibrant new single, "Tell Me Your Name." What inspired you to write such a passionate yet inspirational tune?

Hey there! Thank you so much for having me and I appreciate the kind words of my new single. My songwriter and I wanted to push the envelope with the message behind the song. Most of my releases have been very purposeful and I think this one means even more to me because it truly was written to be carefree and to remind others not to worry so much about what others think of you. The words in the song have a very seductive feel to them and have tons of sexual innuendo in them. We wanted to show another side of me that most people might not realize. It was really fun to play up a sexual vixen and push the envelope with this type of sound and feel.

You've mentioned that "Tell Me Your Name" marks a new musical era for you. Why is that so?

This era showcases a bolder side of me musically. The lyrics themselves take the listener to a very exotic space and that was by design. Growing up I’ve always looked up to artists like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera who all went through an evolution with their image with certain songs, like “I’m A Slave For You”, “Wrecking Ball” and “Dirrty.” This song “Tell Me Your Name” follows in that same footsteps. We wanted to have this song to give the audience a new taste of me as an artist and the endless possibilities of where I plan to take my career musically. It’s a mature sound and very different from anything I’ve released so far.

Could you tell us more about the future "Tell Me Your Name" music video? What should viewers expect from that visual?

The music video was shot in Los Angeles, and we had the best time on set. This was the first time I directed a music video, and I gave a lot of creative input regarding how I wanted to portray myself and the extras you see in the music video. The video is by far my most racy video yet. You see tons of shirtless moments of myself and the male dancers, and you can tell within the first couple of seconds that we’re entering into an edgier era. We used different sets to give the visual a lot of texture and had fun with the fashion choices. One stand-out wardrobe piece I wore was this red latex bodysuit that was a major nod to my music icon, Britney Spears, from her “Oops I Did It Again” music video. I hope the audience gets that reference when the video drops in June for Pride Month.

Did you create the production for "Tell Me Your Name," or did you team up with any producers to help bring this song to life?

I’ve been working with the same producers since day one. MELT Music and I have worked together over the years to develop my unique sound and when I sent them over the record, they immediately knew the assignment and put together what you hear today. I wouldn’t be here without them so I’m grateful we were able to get this song in time for the summer.

How did you want listeners to feel when hearing "Tell Me Your Name"? What was your goal when it comes to their experience?

I want my listeners to feel super strong and capable of doing anything they put their minds to, especially when it comes to pushing the envelope. The idea behind the song was really to speak to my fans around the world who love to dance and are ready to take control over their narrative regardless of anyone’s opinions. 


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