5 Questions with Kendyle Paige

Hey Kendyle Paige, Welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us how was it like growing up in a musically inclined family? Was there ever any pressure for you?

Thank you for having me. I wouldn't say my entire family is musically inclined. My parents are big appreciators of all the music. They were always blasting something on our house speakers whenever they were cleaning, cooking, or just working on our house. 80's dance music mainly, and other big names like Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. They can't play or sing though haha. My Grandfather was in a Doo-Wop group, and his brother, Dave Valentin was a well-known jazz flutist. Those two really inspired me to actually chase the dream. They never pressured me, and honestly advised against it. Always saying I had to have tough skin and be able to take a no, but once they knew I wanted it they were supportive. My entire family is.

Tell us about your debut single “Flower”. What was your initial vision for this record? How was it releasing your first song ever?

"Flower" was such a surprise. After meeting my producer, Brandon Lee Richardson he asked my guitarist at the time, Jahvel Lewis and I to come to his place and play a few samples for him. We performed "Flower," and it was obvious that was the one Brandon wanted to produce. I pictured it being an Acoustic feeling ballad, but after hearing Brandon's vision for it we knew it could be so much more. We worked on it for about 6 months, and the song just made me feel like a real artist. This song basically summed up everything I was feeling in high school, and home. Seeing the reaction really solidified everything for me, and made me want to keep creating.

We recognized you from Fox's hit show "The Four"! How was that experience? Did you take any major lessons from being a participant on that show?

Four was interesting. I for sure learned a lot. I was auditioning for TV singing shows for about 8 years until I got my spot on The Four. Definitely not what I expected, but what I needed. I use to think you needed one of those TV shows to make it, and in today's industry that's just not the case. I learned that if everyone around you is a "yes-man" odds are you're in the wrong place, and to always always always follow your gut. I don't regret the experience, but would never do it again.

We heard your album “Keep In Mind It May Be Behind You” has been creating a great buzz so far. What’s the theme behind this project?

KIMIMBBY was so so so much fun to make. This album was all my juvenile experiences put into an album, and I'm so in love with not only listening to it but performing it. After high school I found myself referencing my past experiences too often, and kind of letting them dictate my future. I just needed to get all of these feelings out on paper, and on to this record so I could move on. I needed to "Keep In Mind" that these experiences that made me who I am are important, but are for sure behind me.

Did you stumble upon any major challenges while creating this album? Mind detailing to our readers!?

I think the biggest challenge for me was picking what songs to move forward with. Some just flew out of me, and on to the paper. Other songs I had started, and struggled with. Brandon always knew when to say "Let's just move on." Sometimes we just need that. Another thing, you DO NOT need a professional recording studio to make your art. This is something I had always struggled with since I was a minimum wage worker, and never had enough money for studio time. KIMIMBBY was made in Brandon's bedroom, and it's dope.

Thank you for sharing Kendyle Paige! What can we expect from you in the upcoming decade?

Decade wow. Well, one thing I can say for sure is 2020 will be the start of some exciting releases. Hopefully, you will be hearing some new music, seeing me in some films, billboards, and just being my best self. Thank you for listening! xo