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5AM BEATZ Released The Relaxing Hit, “Oldshit”

5AM BEATZ is a bedroom producer from Boyle Heights, California who started producing music on and off around 3 to 4 years ago.

5AM BEATZ released his record titled “Oldshit” featuring the artist Ezilu. The production of the song created the foundation for Ezilu and the verses to provide a cohesive delivery. The beat had a nice fusion of old-school with lo-fi hip-hop. This smooth connection between the multiple subgenres of hip-hop made this record more digestible for all lovers of rap. 5AM BEATZ is a unique producer who brings his imagination into his music. The beat was cool and kickback with clean execution. This gave the rapper a significant amount of room to add his individual style to the track, making this song an elemental hit. “Oldshit” is perfect for you lovers of hip-hop who sometimes want to listen to smooth-sailing beats and a relaxing delivery. It’s a vibe for the lyricists, and it feels never-ending!

Listen to "Oldshit" here and get to know more about 5AM BEATZ below!

Hey 5AM BEATZ. Knowing you began your career in your bedroom recently, what motivated you to pursue music? 

When I first started making music I didn’t think I was going anywhere with it.  But once I started to gain more & more knowledge of my craft, I came to realize that the outcome of sitting behind my laptop was far more exhilarating than not even trying. The motivation for me to pursue music is the process in which each & every track has to go through in order to become that final beat.

As a producer, how do you usually draw inspiration for your songs?

Inspiration for me really comes random most times. It can be from taking a walk outside, & taking in the environment around me,  to even just sitting behind my laptop messing around with different sounds & samples. I don’t have a specific way to gather inspiration for any of my songs.

What was the inspiration for “Oldshit”?

The beat itself came to me on just a spark of different ideas I was throwing around in my “DAW” (digital audio workstation). It was originally just a beat itself. But for a while Iv been wanting to have my homie Ezilu on a track. So this was one of the beats I showed him & something just clicked. “Oldshit” was a mixture of two different ideas. One was how he acted in his high school days & the second idea was how mine & his sounds transformed from back in the day to now. He really did show the main focus of the whole track in a 2-3 minute song. 

What are some main challenges you face and how do you usually overcome them?

Some challenges I face is my daily life would be writers block & not having the right knowledge to further myself in music. Writers block can have me in a daze for quite sometime. Most times I just go back through my older music & try to mess around with the sounds a little bit. That sometimes sparks motivation to come up with different ideas or to even start ideas. Even making a simple kick, snare, & hihat pattern will have some ideas flowing through my head. By watching videos online to reading e books about production helps me better my craft. Seeing people in the field doing what I’m doing extends my knowledge in a profound way. I’m always trying to learn newer things about music to better understand the DAW I’m working on or the equipment I have at hand.

What’s next for you 5AM BEATZ?

The next step for me is to try work with talented artists to get my name out there. I just want to grow my knowledge about the people in the industry to the production equipment I have at my disposal. Also I’m always working on new music so keep an eye out for that don’t know when exactly but just know new music will be on the way! 


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