A Behind the Scenes Look at "Bad Dreams" by Mexico City Heartbreak

The founder and talent of Mexico City Heartbreak, Rudy Torres, was born with a passion for music. After receiving his first guitar at the age of 10, he jumped quickly into learning the cords and writing his own songs just two years later. He has had the opportunity to play for numerous bands and even join a tour with The Order of the Diamond, but has recently decided that his next career move will be his solo project Mexico City Heartbreak. This solo work will allow Rudy to explore his limits creatively and give him control over the songs he releases.

Bad Dreams” by Mexico City Heartbreak is a vivacious and spirited track about the frustrations of trying to forget someone who won’t leave your head. Lyrics such as ‘you turn love into a riot’ allow a glimpse into the emotions of the songwriter and makes listeners feel the confusion and pain projected in the song. This release is an alternative Indie single which showcases a clear, bright tone that parallels the voice of Brendon Urie of popular band Panic! At The Disco. While the song lyrics have a more sombre feel to them, the song is still upbeat with dynamic guitar and percussion. Keep a lookout for the next releases by Mexico City Heartbreak.

Listen to 'Bad Dreams" here.

Hi Mexico City Heartbreak! We are so excited to chat with you about your new song "Bad Dreams"! What is your favorite aspect of the song, and what do you hope people take away from listening to it?

Hey, Buzzmusic! I'm equally excited about sharing this song with you.

My favorite part about it would have to be that the song came to me at a time when I was really struggling. Every lyric means a lot to me — especially because it was written in the aftermath of a relationship I completely lost myself in.

I hope that people hearing this song feel validated in their pain about a person or experience, and I hope that people listening feel the courage to walk through that pain one day at a time. 

You started writing songs at such a young age, how would you say “Bad Dreams” compares to the songs you wrote when you first started? How have you evolved as an artist?

My writing was a lot more simple as a kid than it is now. I wrote songs about my favorite breakfast foods, friends I made in the cafeteria, middle school crushes, and things like that. Nothing too deep haha.

Now that I've lived a little and seen how crazy growing up is, my music and inspiration for lyrics really reflect that. I've written stuff about the years my father walked out on my family, songs about struggling to make ends meet while working several jobs, and what it's like to lose friends you were once close to. Stuff like that. 

It's really hard to put yourself out there and be vulnerable the way I try to be with my music. I'm slowly building the confidence to do so in all of my work, and that is perhaps the biggest growth I've seen in myself since I was a kid - the courage to be open about my life with my music.   

Do you have a lot of experience working as a solo artist? How does it compare to performing as part of a band, and which do you prefer? I haven't been a solo artist for very long, so I don't have a lot to say about that. I've mostly played in bands throughout the entirety of my music career. What I can say, however, is that pulling musicians together to play shows and writing music entirely on my own is a lot more challenging. It's forced me to think a lot more about how I allocate my time and energy to the music. I've even had to learn new instruments along the way like drums and bass guitar. It's also forced me to be a lot more focused about how I market and promote myself and stuff like that. 

So, in short, I guess I still don't really know whether I prefer playing as part of a band or working as a solo artist, but this will be a telling year for me in that regard. 

Thank you so much for talking with us today! As a final question, how did you decide on the name Mexico City Heartbreak? Does the name ‘Heartbreak’ point to a theme in the lyrics of your songs? The name was inspired by my friends trip to Mexico, and yes, it's exactly what you're thinking. He went, he saw, he had his heart obliterated.

Without going into too much detail, I have to say that the story was devastating, yet tragically beautiful.

Just imagine having your heart broken while marveling through the Museo Nacional de Antropología in Chapultepec Park at sunset or being dumped outside the Palacio de Bellas Artes right as it's illuminating at sundown, shining its magic light through the city. Ugh, so cinematic right? Definitely one of the top 5 places to get emotionally destroyed for sure.

On a more serious note though, Mexico City is one of the most romantic cities ever. Period. The art and music and culture and food and people are so incredible. There’s something poetic about the energy, and I can only hope to capture some of that in my music. 

As a decedent of Mexican immigrants myself, the name also carries cultural significance for me that I wear proudly.