A Collaboration for the Ages, Boi Blue & Milah Release New Hit "Top Ten"

Step into Boi Blue & Milah's storybook of raps and press play on their latest hit "Top Ten." Ambient chimes and whistles lead you into the track like a pied piper, as the atmosphere explodes with a dirty, grinding beat as Boi Blue blasts onto the scene. Boi Blue (Atlanta, GA) and Milah (Columbia, SC) joined forces on this latest release to showcase their detailed lyrism and infectious beats as both rap over "Top Ten" with lyrical prowess.

These two independent artists understand the direction of the sound they want a project to take. Through extreme attention to detail over every element of the process, they are able to create a highly polished piece that holds up to any professionally produced production. Boi Blue raps with a "sauciness" as his rhymes spill over the track. His artistic and skillful experimental rapping style uses both internal and half-rhymes set to his breakneck delivery speed. Milah steps into the heavy soundscape, emitting the same level of intensity and prowess. Her clever rhymes and wordplay captivate and memorize the listener. The never compromising bellowing 808 beat never waivers as does Boi Blue and Milah as they relentlessly dominate this hot track. "Top Ten" is destined to be one of your top tracks, don't miss out on Boi Blue and Milah's masterful collaboration.