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A Powerhouse Vocalist with a Message Behind the Music: Courtney Cole

Music with substance is completely unmatchable. Especially in today’s current market of music where it seems like everything has been flooded with a bunch of songs that consist of no actual meaning or motive behind them. So if you’re somebody who likes an artist to create an actual piece of music that will move in your ways you didn’t expect to be moved in, then we have just the artist for you! She goes by the name of Courtney Cole and she is undeniably on her way to the top of her game. Courtney Cole is keen on creating lyrics that inspire her listener. It’s one of her personal favorite elements of being an artist.

A powerhouse who grew up on powerhouse divas, her early inspirations have noted being the vocal greats like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. Her love for music drew her to the Nashville scene where she created a significant amount of success for her and that includes touring and opening up for multiple A-list acts like Miranda Lambert. Kenny Chesney, Chris Young and more! She is no doubt in mind, making a name for herself and growing huge traction for her own music. After spending time in Nashville killing it, she decided to move to Los Angeles, and this caused Courtney Cole to smash it even more! With a new single out called “Right Direction” that has a trail-blazing production and mellifluous melody, Courtney Cole is no doubt in my mind a newcomer to watch out for in 2020!

Listen to Courtney Cole's music here!

Welcome to back to BuzzMusic Courtney Cole, we’re always excited to have you on our platform! What initially inspired you to pursue music and why?

Thank you guys so much for having me! It’s always such a pleasure! Music has been a part of me from the moment I took my first breath! More so than anything, I’ve always felt a need to share. Performing is where my heart is most fulfilled, and being able to share my story and my truth through healing music is incredibly rewarding. 

We loved your single titled “Right Direction”. What was the meaning behind these lyrics? And in what ways do they represent you and your story?

I believe that music heals, and I believe that the truth heals. This song is from the upmost honesty of my soul and where I was at the time. A place of confusion, dismantling of old belief systems, and really trying to navigate my way through that. I think we’ve all been there, and so I think it was nice to be able to connect with so many people through this place and through this song. 

Knowing you have opened up for various acts in Nashville, Did you ever stumble upon any nerves or challenges performing live? If so mind explaining how you overcame them?

I’m always nervous before I perform.. it’s a very vulnerable place of putting yourself out there. I remember being a kid and never being scared to perform my songs or dances that I had created in front of anyone, so I always try to channel that brave little girl. She is what keeps me going today!

How would you describe the creative process behind “Right Direction”?

The creative process is exactly what it states in the second verse... “sitting on the apartment floor..” I literally wrote that song sitting on the apartment floor in a state of honest confusion and begging God for clarity. I’m thankful for my friends Trannie Anderson and Cameron Stymeist for helping me take it to the next level in the studio! 

Were there any specific arrangements you were going for in “Right Direction”? If so mind detailing it a bit to us?

I wanted “Right Direction” to feel like reflection,  empowerment, and healing. I think Cameron did an amazing job of tapping into the emotion and bringing the moment to life. 

What can we expect from you in this upcoming year of 2020?

New music!! I have a lot in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share!

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