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A Smashing Rock Band Who Left a Killer Impression on Their Fans: Prince Of Lilies

Prince Of Lilies is one of those bands that just stands out from the overpopulated crowd of acts in the music industry. Not one to fit in with the rest, Prince Of Lilies is spearheading the grunge revival with their raw, loud and distorted guitars and angst-ridden lyrics about depression, suicide, ocean pollution, and animal rights. This rock n roll trio sounds like they could have come out of Seattle in the early ’90s. Prince Of Lilies has its own unique sound that’s fury, chaotic, and bashful. They’ve also been gigging and delivering exciting live shows. Prince Of Lilies has roughly about one more show before they head back to their hometown in Europe. Interested where? The Redwood Bar in DTLA on December 14th.

So if you’re a Los Angeles native and interested in seeing this exciting band deliver a groundbreaking live performance then you might not want to miss out on the opportunity! Prince Of Lilies released their debut EP this year titled “ The Year I Broke”, A innovative project filled with percussion-soaked instrumentation and avant-garde arrangements. Prince Of Lilies is the epitome of grunge with a twist & they are bound to create a smashing vibe that will exceed past your expectations. It's safe to say Prince Of Lilies has had a killer 2019 and we can't wait to see what's in store for this band as we enter the new year. Big things are on the horizon!

Listen to Prince Of Lilies here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Prince Of Lilies! What has been the biggest inspiration/influence on your sound so far and why?

Just life. Our music is just who we are, how we feel, and how we express our honest emotions and opinions about life itself. 

Talk to us about this killer debut EP, “The Year I Broke”. What Was the overall theme and vision you had for this project? What were some of the arrangements you were seeking?

We just wrote these songs out of a need to be loud. We’re not so interested in what’s out there right now and this recording is our own answer to it. 

Did you do most of the recording to the singles in “The Year I Broke” with live instrumentation or computerized production? Mind telling us a bit about the creative process!

It’s all-natural. Just a band playing in a room with mics and one sound engineer. It was recorded on analog tape and so it’s got that sound to it. 

Which song from “The Year I Broke” do you feel best represents the album’s theme?

There’s no actual theme except that it’s born out of chaos and sometimes a bit of harmony gets created. 

How has it been performing live so far? How do you guys plan on finishing off these last two upcoming shows?

It’s been great. I have made lots of new friends and saw some great local LA bands while at it. We plan on having some fun at these last shows before we fly back to Europe. 

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Putting out our full-length debut and playing new countries. It’s the start of a new decade so time to wear some shades.


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