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A Swingin’ ‘60s Classic Revisited in 2020. Kate Magdalena Reacquaints Us With “Downtown”

Kate Magdalena has resurrected the 1964 classic, "Downtown" initially performed by Petula Clark. Kates's voice lends Broadway feels to this classic, creating an air of nostalgia. The melody is familiar and comforting and the instrumental sound quality is superb. The classical orchestra somehow feels like an influential rock band standing behind the track. Since its release, "Downtown" has been covered by many singers including Dolly Parton, Emma Bunton, and The Saw Doctors. Kate has undoubtedly made her mark on her version of the original; it really does lift your spirits to hear it remastered. Kate Magdalena, an emerging singer-songwriter from the San Fransico Bay area, finds herself most comfortable in the folk-pop and adult contemporary stylings. Kate has two albums under her belt and is currently working on her third due out later this year. Nowadays, orchestral pop hits are mainly a thing of the past, but Kate's latest recreation goes against the grain and exemplifies to listeners what we are missing. "Downtown" basks in the bright lights, neon signs, and "music of the traffic in the city"; this sentiment shouldn't be limited to swinging '60s optimism, it's a page we should all absorb when things return to normal in the world we live today. Kate Magdalena has invigorated a '60s classic and redefines its message of optimism we all need today.

Don’t delay and stream “Downtown” here.


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