A Voice with a Message, Anna Cole Has It All and We Can't Get Enough of It

Anna Cole has always wanted to be known as the “girl who has something to say”. She has achieved this in no other greater way than through her music. At only 14 years old, her vocal skill is so powerful and dynamic that you will think she’s been a seasoned professional for more than 20 years. Anna’s music is influenced by a vast range of contemporary and legendary recording artists. Some of these artists include Dua Lipa, Anne Marie, Sigala, and classic rockers Journey.

Anna’s amazing artistry gave her the blessing of being signed with a management firm “Aggressive Music Group”. Through AGM she has released several new songs with infectious pop melodies that will get you through the day. Amongst these songs, her single “You Get Me” is accompanied by a video that can be found on her youtube.

Anna isn’t planning on stopping right there. She’s been working on her upcoming 2020 EP that will send waves through the music industry with her contagious pop sounds and attractive elements in the production and arrangement. Anna Cole is an obvious showstopper. At just the young age of 14, she has already accomplished so much and has the future looking brighter than ever for her. We’re blooming with excitement for her upcoming releases and we will most certainly keep our eye out on this shining star.

Listen to Anna Cole's music here.

Hey Anna Cole! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. Besides music, what are some hobbies and fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share with our readers?

Besides singing and recording, I like to draw and paint. I'm also into gaming and I play almost every day. I'm getting pretty good! A few fun facts about me are I love going to the gym, and I enjoy baking. (I never said I was good at it though!) I love going to the beach, and out on our boat as well. Here in North Carolina in the summer the weather is perfect for a great day out on the water.

You’re a highly talented artist! How would you describe your songwriting and creative approach to your music?

I like to write and sing about things that are relevant in my life, but also I like to imagine situations and stories about things I've never done before. As a teen advocate, I write about issues we teens face; I wrote 'Don't Go' about teen suicide, something that happens all over the country and I hope to raise awareness through the song and especially my music video, which was really powerful and meant a lot to me and everyone who helped make it. Same goes for Keep Talking, a song about bullying and standing up for yourself no matter what anybody says about you.

What was the theme behind your song “You Get Me”? Did you face any challenges recording this single? "You Get To Me" is probably the easiest song for me to sing out of all of my originals. It's about a typical boy or girl who's attracted to you, but is just 'playing it cool'. Even though they're acting like that, they're really checking out your Instagram and other socials and you know it because you're watching them watching you! It's also about attraction and the one universal language we all know: LOVE.

We’re excited about This upcoming EP in 2020! Mind hinting to our readers what we can expect from this project?

I've got some great new songs we're working on right now. One new song is called DIY and the hook dips into more of an EDM style and is a little heavier-sounding. It's about making a choice in life and going for it. Here's a lyric from the song: You could be the audience watching someone dancing, or you could find the courage to get on the floor and do it. You could wait for everything, leaving it to chances, or you can make it happen. You can do it yourself! Why depend on any else, when you can do it, you can do it yourself.

Which element to this EP do you feel will surprise your listeners the most?

I think listeners will be most surprised by just how much I and my team have grown, both vocally and musically. The music and overall production of the songs are getting really good and I'm feeling more confident than ever that I can do this at the national level. It's all about confidence and having the right team of talented people working with you with the common goal of success.

Thank you for sharing with us Anna Cole! What has been your personal favorite moment of your career so far this year? I love working and collaborating with people from all around the planet. I've shared my music with producers and songwriters from Spain, The United Kingdom, Miami & Nashville here in America, Canada, etc. That would probably be the best part of my music. Getting different opinions and getting to experience and express different cultures and backgrounds through my music, so that I can share it with the world.