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A Way Out, Jae Let's Music Guide His Path

Continuously surrounded by music, Itslawd Jae (Jae for short) witnessed creativity and music production at a young age. The journey to get where Jae is today wasn't always smooth sailing. His battle with mental health issues generated setbacks to his artistic cultivation, but it was music that elevated him from darkness and gave purpose to his life. This up and coming artist and producer is currently based in Zimbabwe. Jae has been steadfastly focussing on creating music that is carefully constructed and produced.

Continuing on his path of creativity, Jae's investment in music is purely an escape for him. Breaking through society and self-made limitations, music has created a yearning to destroy the gates of creative captivity, locking down is sound. His investigative approach to music creates an immersive experience for the listener enabling them to ride a creative wave of energy and flow Jae has formulated. If the listener has simply had a moment to vibe and shut out their stressors, Jae is fulfilled and at peace with his creations.

Do not miss Jae's latest release and listen to "chimera" here.


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