Aantdoe Is Making His Name Known with Singles like “Get Away” Ft. Kasper Genius

Aantdoe is a gifted rapper, lyricist, and Army/Combat Veteran with a passion for making music. His lyrics are rhythmically engaging while remaining thought-provoking and real. He makes music to reflect life experiences and creates relatable music that is accessible for people from all walks of life. His self-proclaimed genre is “GFR” (grown folks rap) because his targeted audience is usually a more mature audience but his music is for anyone to vibe along with.

New from Aantdoe is “Get Away” ft. Kasper Genius, a new hip-hop anthem with a versatile, unique sonic undertone. Whether Aantdoe’s weaving through catchy verses or the addicting hook, his powerhouse vocals remain strong over top of the intricate soundscape. His songwriting ability will leave you singing along to every word, “Get Away” features a completely addicting hook that will guarantee a second listen. The soundscape on this single leans partly towards those late-night vibes but partly resides somewhere a little harder hitting. By the time the track comes to an end, that backbeat has energized the room, and that hook has surely woven its way into your ear. We welcome this up and coming artist into the BuzzMusic Family with open arms and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next! Check out “Get Away” here and keep scrolling for the interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Aantdoe! You give off a really confident aura through your music! Is this a skill you've developed over time or has it come naturally to you? 

I believe it's a skill I've developed over time... I'm an Army Combat Veteran and a former Drill Sergeant and those two things do wonder for your confidence... I know the music business can be tough but compared to being in actual combat... I think I'll be ok

“Get Away” hit us to our very core with your bars! How have you developed your songwriting/rap ability overtime?

I've always been a fan of rappers that put time and effort into their lyrics... The Emcee that made you rewind the track because you didn't quite catch the metaphor... So when I write I want it to be obvious that I put in the maximum effort... Does this process take longer to put verses together??? Yes... But I'd rather give you one awesome song over 5 just ok or crappy songs...

Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of your life? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?

My music is MOST Definitely a reflection of me... no CLOUT CHASING or riding the wave of what's popular for me... I feel like being genuine is the ONLY way to have a successful career... Yeah, you may have a hit song doing what everybody else is doing or pretending to be something you're not but that can only last for so long before you get exposed... Soldiers that have never been to combat but are telling a combat story to Soldiers that have... It's very easy to tell when they're just repeating what they've heard and haven't actually lived the experience... The same is true for music... And as far as connecting to the fans... Everything I write about is relatable... I'm not the only guy in the world who's had a good woman and didn't realize it until she was gone... So again MY focus is telling my story and knowing there are people that listen and think I'm telling their story... CONNECTION!!!!

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your song “Get Away”?

Since GetAway is a song dedicated to that ride or die (woman) chick in your life, I'd have to give the credit to my Mom because she was my first ride or die... She is my constant symbol of what a strong woman is... So when I write songs like these they are always based around my Mom and how hard she's worked to keep us going... And of course, my wife too... It's hard enough being a spouse in a non-military marriage... but start throwing multiple combat tours 15 months at a time in the mix... You have to be special to get through and still together and strong...

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! What’s next for you artistically? Does your creativity manifest itself in other ways?

I'm constantly working on new material... I have over 25 completed songs and counting... what's hard for me is trying to figure out which single to release next... I have a video shoot in the works for my song "Right Back" which is closing in on 50K streams... And also some live performances in the next few weeks... And I get called often from my nieces and nephews who want to use my songs to do papers for school... So they want to pick my brain about why I said this or that... So I guess that could be considered creativity manifesting in other ways.