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Aaron Andreu Showcases Immense Passion In, "The Loyalist"

Taking us by surprise was a singer-songwriter and Latin rock/alternative recording artist Aaron Andreu in his recent emotional single, "The Loyalist."

Aaron Andreu has shared the stage and written for various Grammy Award-winning recording artists. We first got to know Aaron Andreu through his debut self-titled EP, followed by his 2021 EP 'Luna' that showcased a collection of his own brand of Latin art-rock.

Now traveling into the realm of English alternative with his latest single, "The Loyalist," Aaron Andreu is excited to cross over and broaden his horizons with this dreamy and soulful tune. Aaron Andreu's lyrics are incredibly poignant, compelling, and cathartic, perfectly showcasing his emotive abilities in terms of engaging and thorough music creation.

Jumping into the new single, "The Loyalist," the song softly opens with Aaron Andreu's breathy vocals alongside a tender acoustic guitar and soft drum breaks. As Aaron Andreu begins to make his passion and love known, a blistering electric guitar begins to rain down from above and drench us in all sorts of soul and sonic emotion.

Aaron Andreu has truly mastered the art of transmuting his emotions into blissful and gripping music, and listeners can perfectly experience that through this heavy-hearted and passionate ballad.

As we pick up the pace and vibe, the song's instrumentals continue to beam through our speakers while lifting our souls out of this plane and onto cloud nine. Aaron Andreu's performance is nothing but captivating; his lyrics are purely relatable, and his vocal delivery offers all the vulnerable emotion we've been looking for.

Get to know a different side of Aaron Andreu with his latest single, "The Loyalist," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Aaron Andreu. We're truly impressed with the vulnerable emotion and heart you've placed into your recent single, "The Loyalist." What inspired you to create this passionate piece?

Thank you. It’s a pretty personal song actually but I suppose in general it’s about surrendering to something that your head may not understand completely but that your soul feels and then not looking back.

Why did you want to cross over into English alternative and step outside of your Latin art-rock comfort zone? What inspired you to broaden your horizons with "The Loyalist"?

It wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision. Being bi-lingual and bi-cultural, my musical influences span both Spanish and English artists. So when I sit down and write it really is just a case of what language my emotions choose to be expressed in. This song chose English.

Was it challenging to open up and be so vulnerable when writing your heartfelt lyrics for "The Loyalist"? What was your songwriting process like?

It wasn’t really challenging at all. It’s kinda funny but I’m my most comfortable expressing myself through song. I’ll tell you I’m fine and then write a song about how I’m totally NOT fine, haha With “The Loyalist” it was a burning fire in my bones that just needed to be released. Things I needed to say but could only express with music.

What do you hope to make the listener feel with "The Loyalist"? What impact do you want the song to have on your audience?

With my music in general I want my listeners to feel like they’re not alone in their emotions, even the cringe-worthy feelings that are not “cool” to express these days. Hopefully, it gives them the courage to be vulnerable too.

What's next for you?

Well, I’m actually going to be pretty busy in 2022! I’m set to go back into the studio to record an English EP that I’ll be releasing in February, and then switch gears and get started on another project co-writing with certain Grammy Award Winning Artists that shall remain nameless for now haha it’s going to be an exciting year!


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