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Abby Sage Expresses Hope and Love With Her Two Singles, "Holy Water" and "18 Years"

From Toronto to the Bay Area, known as the 'lil indie eyesore,' Abby Sage releases her debut singles "Holy Water" and "18 Years." Abby Sage added a lovely write up that explains her single "18 Years," and the time it's taken for Abby to write and release this mesmerizing body of work courageously. Before "18 Years," Abby Sage released her debut single "Holy Water" that drew in countless fans through her hypnotizing vocals and spot-on lyricism. Both songs tell such a deep-rooted and debilitating love story that we can genuinely relate to. Without further ado, we'll jump right into these two twinkling tracks.

"Holy Water" opens as bright as the morning sun, with a mid-tempo beat and soothing keys, the song's ambiance radiates within seconds. Abby Sage's vocals grace our speakers with such clarity, as she sings about a love who's mesmerized her in every way. The mythical and transcendent alternative sound takes you to surreal and captivating places, especially with Abby Sage's unique and exceptional delivery. The instrumentals slowly increase with added percussion elements, uplifting pads, and Abby Sage's airy background vocals. We can see why so many listeners were drawn to Abby Sage's debut release, as it pulls you in wanting more.

Thankfully, we get more with the release of her heartfelt single "18 Years." Opening with soft acoustic guitar and Abby Sage's ethereal vocals, she begins vocalizing this heartwrenching ballad that we can all relate with. She sings lyrics of love she's experienced at 18 while parting ways with them only to think over the universal feeling of 'maybe someday.' Abby Sage's analogies are incredibly clever, and honestly explains the emotions her heavy heart feels. The melodies that she sings genuinely trigger emotions we forget we had, and we're certainly left with a sliver of hope towards love. Both songs were so purely crafted with Abby Sage's tender heart, and we're hoping that you'll find the same clarity that we did.

Listen to "Holy Water" here and "18 Years" here.  

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Abby Sage! We're truly mesmerized by your singles "Holy Water" and "18 Years." How long were these songs in your repertoire, and what pushed you to finally release them?

These songs I’ve been sitting on for quite a while!! I recorded them last summer in Toronto, finished school in December, then figured that spring would be a good time to release the first one & see where it goes.

Speaking on your single "Holy Water," Abby Sage captures more of an uplifting vibe with this song. What was your main inspiration behind the creation of "Holy Water?"

My main inspiration behind Holy Water is rooted in my own personal experience of putting others before myself, particularly in relationships where I allowed people to take up more space in my life than I had wanted. The song as a whole is a reminder that no matter how warm and fulfilling love can be, I am my own power first and it is my responsibility to ensure my mind and body are taken care of before pouring myself into anything else. 

Regarding your single "18 Years," Abby Sage expresses such a deep and passionate message. What was the most challenging aspect of your songwriting process when creating this song?

For me, writing this song felt necessary however, I never put pressure on it. I knew what it meant to me & I shaped it in a way that was honest. It felt amazing to write so truthfully. Fleeting love is a beautiful, universal human experience therefore when writing it I viewed it as a method of closure & a way to connect with others on a vulnerable level. Releasing it was the most challenging aspect because now it’s out in the world & it’s not just my story. 

Now that Abby Sage is starting to release your own music, could you share with our readers more about your brand, and what kind of music you plan on creating?

I love songs that are vulnerable & I love video accompaniment that feels homemade & loved! I want to maintain that. Whether it’s complemented by intricate production or more stripped-down I want to maintain a feeling of honesty in all that I create. As I’m writing this I’m sitting just north of Toronto getting ready to get in the studio & do exactly that.

What's next for you?

Next for me is releasing more music when I’m happy with what I have to present! I want to take my time ensuring that what I put out aligns with what feels right to me.


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