Ace Blizzy Brings His Career to a, 'CRESCENDO'

Coming in hot from San Diego, California, the versatile hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Ace Blizzy drenches us in poise and vulnerability with his latest 6-track EP, 'CRESCENDO.'

The young songwriter and recording artist prides himself on his genuine music with a universal vision, as he's always one to let his music speak for itself. Also a multi-instrumentalist, Ace Blizzy holds incredible production skills that showcase his artistic versatility and skillset.

Now releasing his latest EP, 'CRESCENDO,' Ace Blizzy jumps into the project by way of the melodically-rich introductory track, "BLUNTED HEARTS." As the song opens with eerie and warm piano melodies, Ace Blizzy jumps into his verses with the utmost charisma while truly wearing his heart on his sleeve. After suffering loss and betrayal, Ace Blizzy opened his heart via music and freestyled this downtempo tune with nothing but honesty and authenticity. While letting us into his darker thoughts and feelings, Ace Blizzy offers this brilliantly relatable aspect that allows anyone to get down with his thoughtful bars.

Moving into the second track, "411," this song opens with a warm and moody thunder sample and a hazy saxophone melody that sets the song's nostalgic and old-school tone. We can't help but feel this overall Joey Bada$$ approach right off the bat, especially as Ace Blizzy jumps into his old-school-inspired rap that offers a more vulnerable side to his artistic works. We love how tenacious and resilient Ace Blizzy is in this track, as he expands on incredibly personal moments in his life that evoke wildly painful emotions. As Ace Blizzy continues rapping his heart out, he leaves us in a profound state of reflection that has us evaluating who and what doesn't serve us anymore.

Bouncing our way into the third track, "VINCE CARTER (feat. 98 CAPITALS)," this song takes off with an atmospheric and dreamy r&b/hip-hop feel with its melodic instrumental samples and crisp drum breaks. As Ace Blizzy opens the song on a more introspective note, he elaborates on his ever-flowing grind, which quickly transitions into 98 CAPITALS' dominant and powerful verse. We can't help but feel a similar approach to Earl Sweatshirt in this track, as it's profoundly groovy and leaves us nodding our heads to both Ace Blizzy and 98 CAPITALS' thought-provoking bars and poised performances.

Onto a deeply relatable and passionate track, "ANGEL DUST," Ace Blizzy opens the track on a more reflective note while riding the soulful and punchy mid-tempo beat. As he continues drenching our speakers in nothing but passion and emotion, Ace Blizzy continues to expand on his addiction to someone's intoxicating presence. We love the melodic tones that Ace Blizzy's hooks have to offer, especially as he quickly jumps back into his dominant verse while showcasing the immense passion and desire he holds for someone close to his heart. So far, we're more than impressed with the lyrical and sonic versatility within this record.

Jumping into a heavier lyrical subject with the next track, "CASKET VELVET (feat. Luphoriccc)," the song opens with a snappy drum beat and a melodic guitar melody that sets the song's intense and yet heartfelt tone. As Ace Blizzy offers an incredibly melodic vocal approach, Luphoricc takes the spotlight while serenading us with the utmost passion and emotion. Diving into Ace Blizzy's lyrical subject matter, he switches the vibe from the track prior while explaining how he wasted his time with someone who simply broke him down to his core. We truly appreciate the vulnerable approach that Ace Blizzy has taken with this deeply relatable track.

Reaching the last track of the record with "COME UP (feat. Jay Isaiah)," this track wasn't supposed to be on the record during its initial release date. Yet, after enduring a few setbacks, Ace Blizzy thought his audience deserved this sonic treat. As the dark and ominous hip-hop beat opens the song on this heavily intriguing note, Ace Blizzy jumps into his first verse with dominant and alluring bars that set the song's exciting tone. As Jay Isaiah takes the spotlight, he offers a similar charismatic delivery while upping the song's energy and steering away from those who bring him down and away from his goals. We couldn't have asked for a better outro track, as it perfectly encapsulates the entire EP with nothing but groove, emotion, and passion.

Don't miss out on the versatile and relatable listening experience of Ace Blizzy's latest 6-track EP, 'CRESCENDO,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're wildly impressed with the various approaches and relatable content you've delivered within your recent 6-track EP, 'CRESCENDO.' When did you begin writing ideas and tracks for this EP? How long did it take to finalize the project?

Well, I initially started working on a few of the songs as far as 2 years ago when I was living in Brooklyn, but the idea of Crescendo didn’t fully process until a little under a year ago. But finalizing it probably only took 3 weeks out of all that time.

What was it like working alongside artists like 98 CAPITALS, Luphoriccc, and Jay Isaiah for 'CRESCENDO'? What did these artists bring to the table that you felt the EP needed?

Well, every collaboration on this project was special. 98 CAPITALS is the 2-person group I am in with my bro Nyfease Hassan. I knew I had to have a song with Fease on there, it’s only right the world starts to get to know 98 CAPITALS and what we bring to the table. As for Luphoriccc, he and I worked on a lot of great music during my time spent in New York. So when he came to the basement to visit and we created “Casket Velvet” I knew that song had a vibe that needed to be shown universally. With Jay Isaiah though, it was funny. Initially, I was going up to Cambridge in Canada to work on some music out there. When I heard the hook to “Come up” I hadn’t even known who he was yet, but I had fallen in love with the track before it was even made. I just kept asking my guys in the studio at the time like “who is this nigga??” I had to meet him. And eventually, I did and when he heard the final version we both knew it was exactly what we wanted.

Did you produce the EP 'CRESCENDO'? How did you navigate each song's atmosphere and vibe for this record? What was your creative process like behind the scenes?

As for the production, it was pretty simple. I just bought the majority of the beats, except for “Come Up” which was a gem created by Kyngs which is a group I was working with in Canada. But I never really go through a ton of beats at once. It’s more often that I really take my time to make sure the beat resonates with how I’m feeling, and where my energy is at that time. But the whole motive for ‘CRESCENDO’ was to hope people noticed the change in intensity and creative direction that I had as an artist. I had dropped three singles beforehand, and they were definitely different compared to how I approached this project. I felt like my lack of vulnerability in my catalog was fucking with my conscience, and ultimately I want people to look at this project and say “oh yeah this is a different Ace than what we got before”

Was it challenging to open your heart within the more personal tracks in 'CRESCENDO'? Or was it easy for you to be so vulnerable during your songwriting process?

I wouldn’t say it was necessarily challenging during the creative process, but it slightly was afterward when I was putting the tracks together. I was anxious thinking about how people would now perceive me once I released this new side of Ace. But once I listened to the project all the way through, it removed any doubt in my mind.

What do you hope the listener feels and takes away after listening to 'CRESCENDO'? What sort of emotions or feelings did you want to evoke in your audience?

This is actually the toughest question hahaha but I really want people to appreciate the artistry and I hope they can relate to the EP in some type of way. Because not only does the project have substance and some darker tones... it also has some bounce and some edge. So whether a listener just likes the sounds of the music or what I’m actually saying, either way, it’s a win-win because as long as they can feel something when it plays, then the music has the potential to be something special.