Ace Wild is One Wild Card You Need to Look Out For

Mastermind Hip-hop artist and producer, Ace Wild is flexing his creativity through dark instrumentals fused with meaningful lyrical depth. Leaping the music industry just under three years ago, Ace Wild has been delving into controversial topics as one to never shy away from offering up his opinion. The authenticity in his creative mind allows him to effortlessly flow fast-paced beats while dabbling in a chopped up style of rapping.

After going solely independent, in the midst of the chaos pulsating through the world, Ace Wild pushed personal boundaries and put a plan in place to overcome any obstacles in his way. By pumping out half the amount of music that he released in 2019, he managed to do something great. He raised his statistics in the world of streaming as he continues to cultivate his rapidly growing fan base.

Releasing four singles, one music video, and a six-track EP, Ace Wild is giving it his all while building on the name he is creating for himself.

Dipping into his spur of the moment spontaneity, "No Name," was the product of the genius surging through Ace Wild. Being his first song of 2020 and his most-streamed record as well, he exposes the uncanny traits festering inside of him. His eclectic style paired with beguiling instrumentation and mesmerizing verses has us captivated in the story about a young man who goes out too much, questioning why nobody likes him but at the same time, not really paying it much mind.

Offering up a melodic side of himself, “Runaway,” dips into the troubles that arise in relationships. Delving into a more conscious mindset when attacking the beat, Ace Wild combines intoxicating melodies with a cold hard truth in his lyrical dexterity that paints vivid imagery in his storytelling talents. Putting himself to the taste and experimenting with a more tantalizing style, Ace Wild has us giving this track two thumbs up for the way he remains versatile.

Adding a zesty flair in a record that Ace Wild is extremely proud of, “Douchebag,” hits the points of a story about a guy who isn’t exactly how people see him. As the protagonist pushes the critic’s views to the side, we’re indulged in the hard-hitting instrumentation that has definitely set a tone for this track. This is the soundscape that landed Ace Wild his first live stream interview as the radio stations in California were itching to play the pulsating jam that speaks vivacious volumes.

“Real Talk,” brought Ace Wild his first set of eye-catching visuals filmed by Blia Yang of Pearl LLC Productions. This particular song showcases his artistic talents as both an artist and producer on the scene. Recruiting fellow artists and great friends, Catastrophy, you can hear mesmerizing lyrics take us from the chorus to the verses which shed a light on those who don’t value the grind and appreciation of local Hip-hop music. With an upbeat tempo and a powerful music video to pair, this track booms from the speakers as you turn the volume up a couple of notches.

Releasing his first independent EP into the world, listeners were greeted with, “The ‘No Name’ EP,” to cap off the summer. A six-track compilation that includes three of the four singles Ace Wild released throughout 2020. Conveying numerous styles through his tracklist, the EP commences with, “Cardigan,” as well as features Ace Wild’s most favorite creation to this date, “Bragas Mojadas,” featuring the talents of Lil Ithy.

With two collabs on his EP, Lil Ithy can also be heard on, “Stars,” puttering around heartbreak but with a more positive twist. Taking the lemons that 2020 gave him and making lemonade, Ace Wild puts his unmatched work ethic on display as he continues to make larger than life moves in this industry. With much to be proud of, we would say that 2020 has given Ace Wild the surge he needs to continue to do amazing things.

What a successful year for you, Ace Wild, welcome back to BuzzMusic. We’re happy to be chatting it up with you again. From the start of 2020 to now, how would you say that you’ve grown as an artist and individual?

I'm glad to be back! I think being able to sit down and reinvent my creation process was the biggest growth point this year. Going from being in a studio with a mentor every day to having to do it all by myself really helped me develop in all aspects. I also feel like I've gotten better with every ability (writing, flow, production, etc.) The "Ace Wild" name/brand has really started to find its identity, and I'm absolutely loving the direction it's taking.

You headlined your first ever show this year! Congrats on that! Could you please tell us about the experience?

I only got the chance to play two shows this year due to the pandemic, both of them being in my home state of Wisconsin. With this performance being in my home city, it was really a crazy experience. My fellow friend and artist SB Stevie and I came together to use our connections to set up the show. To have a smaller sized venue completely packed, filled with people I've known but not knowing I was an artist was thrilling. We had such a great time, and we're planning on trying to do some more in the same fashion come 2021 if it's possible.

You mentioned your favorite song to date is, “Bragas Mojadas,” featuring Lil Ithy. What’s your reasoning behind that track taking the cake?

Lil Ithy has some of the most creative music when it comes to independent artists, and all of our releases have been some of my favorites. We share a lot of the same people when it comes to our local fan bases. With this track, we just got to roll with the flow. I produced the beat, sent it to him and he paved the way for how the song would be attacked. Between our hardcore fans from Wisconsin, this track sits on top of the charts.

Could you please share a glimpse of what your creative process looks like?

Nine times out of ten the process starts with the beat. I like constructing the first parts of the beat before I try to develop a set in stone topic. If the beat really speaks to me, I'll usually get the hook or the first verse has done to get an established direction. I try to develop different flows while still riding the instrumental well, which can be tough at times. I use a lot of current emotions when creating music, which allows me to open up in a more progressive way, always tying back to what I've got going on in my personal life.

How do you allow your musical and non-musical influences to inspire the music that you create?

When it comes to the music I listen to influencing my own, I tend to listen more to the message than anything. I usually end up taking a certain point made, or a certain emotion that was put across really well, and develop my own version into a style I haven't tried yet. I don't usually use the music I listen to to help me create, rather I use it to get that familiar feeling of emotion into my own work. Outside of that, I use a lot of different methods to help me create. I like to write outside of song making, as well as watch movies, or have meaningful conversations to help me stay creative.

What was the process like releasing your first EP as an independent artist? How was it different than releasing your debut album in 2019?

It was definitely one of the coolest experiences I've had since becoming truly independent. My life was so back and forth this year that I didn't get a chance to sit down and conceptualize a full-length album release, but I feel like the EP gave a glance into my life at the time. Compared to my album "UNORTHODOX", they were on opposite sides of the spectrum in all aspects. Having to do everything completely by yourself is a challenge, but it gave me a considerable amount of knowledge for moving forward. I ended up getting a lot more recognition with this project alone compared to all of my releases in 2019.

If you had a magic wand to change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?

If I had that wand, there would be a lot of things I would change about the industry. The one thing that sits on the top of the list would definitely be the number of scams that industry artists pull. I feel like the situations from 2019 going into 2020 ended up creating a snowball effect that showed how hungry independent artists are, in the meanwhile being naive. A lot of bigger named artists that I used to look up to were part of these scams, and it made me lose a great amount of respect for them. If there was anything I could change, it would be making sure these scams come to a stop because it takes away so much progress from a growing artist.