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Adam Ness Doesn’t Shy Away From the Outspoken Energy a Saggitarius Conveys

Growing up in Detroit, Adam Ness has always had the innate gift of music. Inspired by Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Erykah Badu, his artistry is a unique blend of finesse, soul, and power.

He began his exploration in music when Adam Ness joined the famed youth program, Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit. He was exposed to performing and recording with popular local gospel ensembles, where he further honed his vocal prowess. With notable industry experience under his belt and a growing fan base, Adam Ness has relocated to Chicago to launch his solo career.

Leading the anticipation for his debut album ‘Sagittarius Vol 2,’ with the lead single “Houskatz,” Adam Ness takes us down a melodic path that has us peeking into the mind of the fiery persona of a Sagittarius.

The soothing jazz ambiance that greets us as soon as the musical elements come blissfully flooding through the speakers has us taken into a realm of sensual tendencies as we grasp onto the slow tempo rhythms before us. Coating ourselves in the powerful strides that happen both sonically and away from the music, you see the mystical strokes of Adam Ness’ creative genius sprawled across this musical canvas.

Fully absorbed in the slow motions that R&B shies away from these days, we find that the brilliance behind “Houskatz” perfectly reflects a Sagittarius aura and the genre of traditional R&B infused with hints of jazz. Combining his talents with Durand Bernarr to allow the beauty wrapped into this vision set sail, we’re smitten with the saturated croons amalgamating with angelic harmonies in this soundscape.

Hearing the passion unfold as we further dissect the radiance pouring from this record, Adam Ness wants to ensure that this release, along with ‘Sagittarius Vol 2,’ lets his fans know it is okay to be yourself and get the things you are deserving of, and that being soft does not diminish dominance.


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