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Adams Traktor Gets Your Blood Pumping With The Release Of, “Bleed”

The genre-bending music project, Adams Traktor, was formed by Seattle, Washington’s singer-songwriter and guitarist, JR Smith. The goal of the project was to explore and expand on the sounds that have influenced progressive modern music. Based in Los Angeles, California, Adams Traktor has worked with various well-renowned musicians, who have contributed to the voyage in their own ways.

Assembling the talents of Gregory Darling on production, Manny Elias on drums, Fernando Saunders on bass, and Olda Krejcoves on lead guitar, Adams Traktor attended 2 Lions Studio to record its next hit record “Bleed.” Set for release on October 29th, the upbeat rock song revolves around the story of artists using music as a muse to make them feel alive. Incorporating the good, the bad, and the lustful aspects of music, “Bleed” is an emotional rollercoaster meant to inspire, as it blares through your speakers.

A masterfully produced composition, “Bleed” induces a euphoric blend of sensations upon its listeners. The high-intensity tempo is matched with well-timed breakdowns that allow the audience to take in and analyze every last emotion bestowed. JR Smith’s lyrics are an all-telling cascade of raw and relatable feelings that beach the listeners onto an island of lust and desire. “Bleed” will leave anyone who hears it in a state of creative inspiration and self-discovery.

Considering the fact that Adams Traktor has set his goals out to amplify his sound with every new song he creates, we can’t help but be riddled with excitement at the notion that “Bleed” is but a taste of what is to come. With the announcement of the full-length studio album ‘Quench,’ Adams Traktor garnered the attention of his fanbase and the entire music industry. We are looking more than forward to the release of his future projects.

When it comes down to the inspiration behind "Bleed," where does it stem from?

Thanks, BuzzMusic. The inspiration behind the new song "Bleed" circles around the age-old story experienced by so many artists (including myself) who have purposefully or inadvertently experienced the inspiration and magic of a muse, that someone who stimulates their creativity, inspires them and exposes them to new experiences and depths of their imagination. Pushes them. The good, bad and lovely! In my case, someone who was raw, rough around the edges, blunt, comfortable, clear-sighted, and blunt. Alongside the high emotion, this track was created to be dynamic, a bit harsh, and meant to be played very, very loud. It is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

As an artist, how hard is it to convey your troubles and aspirations to a consumer fan base?

It's always a bit of a rollercoaster when it comes to opening your soul, conveying your message, being authentic and original while at the same time trying to appeal to a large audience or fan base. I think one of my favorite examples of this tightwire an artist walks is Nirvana/Kurt Cobain. While writing dark hard-hitting punk songs, the media labeled as "Grunge" he/they simultaneously admit to creating catchy pop-rock tunes with real hooks and mass audience appeal. A tortious position to be in… share your soul, write rough punk meant to alienate and anger that in the end had mass appeal and drove them to stardom, which they abhorred. They inspired a generation but did not necessarily mean to or like the position they were put in. But as an artist, if you don't want to inspire and influence, don't put your art/music out there for the world to consume. So my approach is to simply put out what you love, be authentic, have thick skin, and hope your music inspires a few because, in reality, if you stick to your style and are true to your form, it's likely that you are not going to end up with millions of fans and find yourself on a world tour! Most importantly, please don't take it too seriously and have fun. Your fan base does not measure success.

What was it like working alongside Gregory Darling, Manny Elias, Fernando Saunders, and Olda Krejcoves to propel your vision of "Bleed?"

It was a dream to work alongside a group of accomplished musicians of this caliber. I was honored and grateful they even considered working on the Adams Traktor project. The creation of Bleed, and throughout this project, there has been no pride of ownership, no ego, and we strived to influence as little of the creative process as possible. The talent speaks for itself; they've earned their marks over time, and their depth and flexibility as musicians are apparent. True pros. We all understood what Bleed needed to drive the vision, so it came to fruition very naturally and just a little magically. Everyone brought something unique to the table, and Gregory, who produced the album, provided a tremendous and creative atmosphere to work in and inspired us all. I am constantly in awe of and thankful to Greg, Manny, Fernando, and Olda!

Why is it so important for you to explore and expand your sound?

It's important to explore and expand - that's what artists do; we are always trying to push boundaries, inspire, dig and pull from our experiences to drive innovation that results in something new. As a musician, I've had so many influences it's hard to account for them all, which is why our songs are so diverse.

What inspired this drive, and are there any musical influences that you turn to for this approach?

This drive to create, innovate and push out something new comes from my background in technology, which is constantly evolving, changing, and innovating. Nothing stands still or remains motionless. I often pull from my love of the Seattle sound (Mother Love Bone, Mud Honey, The Melvins, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam, STP, Love Battery, etc.), hard rock (Metallica, Corn, etc.), industrial (NIN, Peter Murphy, Nitzer Ebb, etc.), EDM and that unique sound that came out of the early 80s (Smith's, Echo, Bauhaus, Femmes, The Cure, etc.) So it's entirely natural to apply these same standards to my work as an artist.

What's next for Adams Traktor?

With "Bleed," we've released five of the eleven tracks from our soon-to-be-released album "Quench." Stay tuned for the next single called "Let it Rain," which is more commercial with a bit of a dark side followed in the new year with a track or two that are dark, brooding, heavy on guitar, synth, and drums - that is all a bit of a turn from the previous ways. And, of course, the release of "Quench." We are always trying to expand, leveraging our experiences and the music we love, and working outside the lines a bit. It's just what we aspire to. And, well, there is a rumor that we may all jump into the studio for another go next summer… who knows. But I'll let you be the judge of that.


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