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ADELINE’s Empowering New Single, “Like It That Way”

French-born ADELINE wanted her debut to be cohesive and to best express who she is as an artist. Because she was raised in Tokyo, Geneva, Singapore, Copenhagen, and Montreal, she has a multicultural background that is a fundamental part of her identity. This might be one of the reasons why she is continuously drawn to variety and experimentation in her creative process.

Adeline published her debut EP, 'Like It That Way,' in September 2022. Her new contemporary electro-pop production showcases her innovative sound direction.

Her style is characterized as pop with a hint of folk and soul, and the EP is full of catchy melodies and traditional pop hooks. The energetic and joyful EP's title song is titled "Like It That Way."

The EP and song "Like It That Way," which share the same name, have a lively and cheerful tone. Consequently, this collection is vibrant, empowering, and joyful. Themes of self-love, empowerment, loss, love, celebration, and mental health are all explored in "Like It That Way."

ADELINE skillfully strikes a balance between the song's upbeat and happy musicality and its underlying, poignant message. Since it discusses mental health and our daily struggle to choose positivity, love, and joy inwardly, regardless of how things may appear externally, the title tune is very important, very current, and very meaningful to the artist.

"Like It That Way" is particularly precious to ADELINE, and it should also touch a deep string within you! ADELINE has been able to use pop music to spread an uplifting and empowering message; we hope you connect to this wonderful song.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ADELINE, and a huge congratulations on your latest EP and title track, "Like It That Way." What three aspects of your life do you think you put most into ‘’Like It That Way?" First, a core aspect of my brand & life values is a celebration. I don’t think we celebrate our little wins enough; we have the tendency to only wait for a massive event to take place when truly, there are so many little successes and moments of gratitude that we can celebrate and recognize. So, this song and EP really put forth this festive aspect of adopting celebration as a way of life! Second, just being silly and playful. This song & music video has lighthearted and playful elements to it, which reflect my personality of not taking myself too seriously and being cheerful. And lastly, the importance of mental health. My academic background is in neuroscience and mental health, and so if I can pair my music with a meaningful message on choosing gratitude & self-love, I’m really proud of that!

Is there anything you’d like to add that you couldn’t put into the song and wish listeners took to heart? The beauty when releasing singles is that each song gets its own universe and moment. I’m very involved in every aspect of my music, including everything visual, which I’m also very passionate about! It’s been so wonderful to create unique visual worlds to represent each song differently. Listeners can, therefore, really experience the song in a deeper way with the associated visual content, which creates a whole atmosphere around the music! What message do you want people to take away from "Like It That Way?" I hope people are reminded to take breaks to celebrate, dance around their kitchen, and practice gratitude. Even the first song on this EP, “Higher,” talks about feeling on top of the world when you’re surrounded by your loved ones. The lyrics “we’ve got everything we need here” reminds us to cherish where we’re at, what we have, and who is around us in the present moment. I like to write feel-good & uplifting music, and that’s how I want people to feel after listening to this EP.

What's next for you? I’m hard at work on my next project, which will most likely be another EP/album! I’m always writing and working with new producers to continue to expand my craft & grow. I'm singing and songwriting in French and Spanish as well on this new project, which has been very fun & creatively stimulating. Most of the audio work is finished at this point – I am working on the visual side. I love turning my music into visual stories, which will be available in early 2023!



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