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Albella Lets Listeners Know They Aren’t “ALONE”

Finland is home to singer-songwriter Albella. Releasing her highly anticipated single “ALONE,” on November 25th, she showcases her sound and tenacity as a pop/R&B artist who places an abundance of soul into her music.

Taking the time to expose the vulnerability rampant in her demeanor, Albella’s impactful croons are poignant and eye-opening as this composition plays into darker tones emphasizing the raw and authentic narrative in place.

Her soulful essence provides listeners with an empowering performance drenched in lived pain and experience as she reiterates thought-provoking lyrics like, “life is just an empty dream.”

Albella strains the theme of fear as loneliness takes the spotlight in this melancholic ballad. “ALONE” is the song many can relate to as they find their footing in this lifetime and take their existence one day at a time.

Inspired by the pandemic and her father's illness, Albella’s hopeless disposition was brewed when all felt unclear, and she felt alone in the situation she was dealing with.

Although carrying an undercurrent that seems to dwell in the downhearted times experienced, she boldly rises to the challenge. Her perseverance kicks into gear as she shares words of hope with her audience.

Albella proves that you can rise above it all and carry forth with faith and hope for brighter days ahead. As the inspiration we all need, Albella’s single, “ALONE,” conveys a message shaped by her indisputable strength.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Albella! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “ALONE.” With this powerful ballad leaving a richness of thought pouring through our minds, could you please describe your current headspace on the subject matter of loneliness? How do you find strength in trying times like this?

Music has always given me the strength and power to overcome all difficulties. Making "ALONE" helped me to overcome hard times. During corona time, I realized how people are suffering from loneliness and how love is needed the most during these difficult times we are living.

Could you please highlight the team that helped you bring this song to life? What was everyone's role, and how did they contribute to this being the masterpiece that it is?

I don’t have any specific team. I make my songs, I do also producing, and I’m also involved what comes to mixing the song. I do the lyrics for all of my songs and arrange and produce them. Of course, some make beats in the studio, but even there, I’m saying what comes in each part. So my songs are made mostly 90% by me.

What can we expect to see and hear from you next?

In the future, some new singles are coming. Until now, I didn't want to do any gigs or performances, especially during corona time. But now I feel that it is time to start performing again. So hopefully, in the future, I would like to perform and do gigs again.



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