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Alec Beretz Released A Killer Hit, “Peep This”

There are artists in this industry who make waves and artists who ride them, all while Alec Beretz is busy moving oceans. Hailing from San Diego, Alec’s massive creative ambition is supported by an equally immense sound - a Rorschach blend of styles encompassing the off-the-wall hype of a rapper like Lil’ Uzi Vert, the sleek expressiveness of a singer like Daniel Caesar, and the sharp-toothed attitude of your favorite punk band. Distilling all of this into an undeniable debut effort, Alec is extending a simple invitation to the world: Peep This.

One of the major standout songs to this project was, in fact, the record “Peep This”. Although there’s a variety of multiple hits on this album including “Rose Tint”, “The Bells”, “Polaroid” and more, “Peep This” abducts its listener into this atmospheric experience you won’t be able to feel listening to any other artist. This single is deeply steeped in the sorts of electrically hazy vibes that encircle late nights in altered states of mind. Alec Beretz has this unforgettable style to him that represents true artistry. It’s non comparable to anybody else, specifically catered to him. He’s an invigorating artist with high caliber in songwriting and passionate vocal delivery. I mean, despite the trail-blazing introduction, you’re bound to experience multiple feelings through the journey of “Peep This. Alec Beretz released a project with wild vocal talent and visceral lyrics weave through the gaps between clattering hi-hats and melodic synths in an experience that’s as much a mirror held up to the moment as it is a window into the thoughts and feelings of Alec himself.

Listen to "Peep This" here and get to know more about Alec Beretz below!

Welcome, Alec Beretz! Mind telling our readers a bit about your background and upbringing?

i’ve moved around a bit but at heart i’m a california native. theres a vibe here thats special. my parents have always supported my artistic endeavors, i picked it up at such a young age they never doubted that it was my path. that was a blessing.

Who would you consider some of your inspirations for your reason to pursue music?

i think the reason many people pursue art is to make themselves whole, or, something is trying to claw its way lose from inside of them. i found meditation in music. it might have kept me alive. at the end of the day though, its the most fun i can have.

Let’s talk about this project “Peep This”. What was the major theme behind this album as a whole?

growth. many musicians carry the trope of the tortured artist. i wanted to go beyond that and learn how to use music to heal.

What song off “Peep This” do you feel most connected to as an artist and why?

they’re all different facets of the story. the title track peep this was definitely a declaration. it was time to decide a new future. each time i sing it, its an affirmation to be better.

What’s next for you Alec Beretz?

share the music. travel the world. see how deep love can go.


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