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Alyssia Dominguez Brings Her Own Twist To Country Music With Her Latest Single “Vamonos”

Singer Alyssia Dominguez brings her own twist to the country music scene with a hispanic influence. Growing Up, Alyssia was deeply in touch with her heritage and traditional Tejano music. Being a musician was something that Alyssia was always destined to be. By the time she was fifteen, Alyssia started performing at local venues and since then, her stages have grown to the Wisconsin State Fair, Summerfest, Turner Hall Ballroom, and the list goes on.

Currently, Alyssia performs as a solo artist and is definitely going to change the country

music scene with her songs like, “Vamonos” which has classic country elements mixed with fun

and upbeat spanglish lyrics. This song is sure to liven up any party or event and will get

everyone moving and enjoying each others company. Not only does Alyssia bring the classic

mix of acoustic guitars, and driving drums but also adds her cultural flare with lyrics and almost

polka sound. Seamlessly, the Americana culture of country and hispanic influence are found

also in Alyssia's vocals that are a mixture of head and chest voice commonly found in mariachi

vocalists. Who says you can’t have a taste of both worlds? Alyssia is sure to establish and new

sound and pace for the country music scene and your playlist.

Listen to “Vamonos” here and get to know Alyssia in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Alyssia, can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us a little about how you made music your career!

I am a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Wisconsin and I play music for a living. I started playing when I was 15. My grandmother, Aurelia, performed Mexican music in a band, and she introduced me to singing and playing the guitar. She taught me traditional Mexican songs and Tejano music. From then on, I was hooked. I am blessed to have my family’s support. I guess you could say my family have always been big dreamers and goal setters; my dad really pushed me to follow my dream of playing music.

In what ways besides your lyrics does Tejano music influence your genre of Country music?

Tejano songs are written to convey a specific feeling or emotion when they are played. This is something that always influences my performances and recordings. Country music and Tejano music are similar in this way. Their lyrics tell a story and their performance brings out the emotions they wish to convey. I love seeing a crowd reacting to and interacting with a song’s emotion even if they do not understand the words I am singing.

Why do you think you infused your cultural sound with country? What drew you to Country music?

I grew up listening to Tejano music. It was the background music of my entire childhood, and it was just a part of who we were. I was taught to be proud of my heritage, and Tejano is a part of my heritage. My father always wanted to move out of the city into a more rural area, and that’s where I discovered country music. Almost every radio station out here plays country music. I fell in love with the stories of the songs and the way the songs would make you feel. Fusing these two genres made perfect sense. They both tell a story and have similar roots.

What is your favorite part about performing?

My favorite part about performing is connecting with the people listening. Seeing people dancing and singing along is the best part of playing out. Meeting new people and making lifelong friends is an added bonus!

Do you write your own songs? And did you write, “Vamonos”?

I do write my own songs. I have been working very hard at writing these days, as it is not a skill that comes easily to me. I make a point to spend some time writing lines every day. Only a small portion of those actually make it into a song. I also enjoy writing with other artists. Working with another person opens up a whole new realm of ideas. The song Vámonos was co-written by me and amazing local musician named Keith Pulvermacher.

Would you ever transition or experiment with another genre of music? Why or why not?

These genres speak to me in a way that other types of music never have. Playing in cover bands, I often play various Rock/Pop songs, but my heart will always be with Country and Tejano music. That being said, there is no doubt that a lot of modern country- including my own album- takes cues from today’s Pop music. Genres will always blend with one another. That is something that makes music so special, there is no rule book, and style is subjective and fluid.


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