Alex Greif Emphasizes Patience With His Debut Single and Music Video “Waiting for You”

Coming from Queens, NY, independent synth-pop artist Alex Greif releases a hopeful debut single and music video titled "Waiting for You." After a trip to Barcelona in 2017, Alex Greif was feeling inspired to create music that speaks a message from within and allows listeners to find an escape. Dropping his debut single "Waiting for You," Alex Greif serves a clear message of keeping hope after a relationship has run its course. Downtempo synth-pop sounds and Alex Greif's calming vocals combined with his exceptionally shot music video, have us hopping on the Alex Greif bandwagon.

"Waiting for You" starts with electrifying arpeggiated synths, belting out harmonious melodies that set the track's sincere tone. Alex Greif's vocals are softly layered over each other, while he sings the heartfelt and relatable message of patiently waiting for the one who's worth it. The song's music video captures brilliant scenes of watching others find love as Alex basks in rose petals and swipes through images of modern-day romances, patiently waiting for his chance at love. Alex's portrayal of a genuine and strong figure establishes the backbone on his latest track, "Waiting for You." Alex Greif perfectly displays the inner strength and peace we all need in order to settle down with someone else.

Discover "Waiting for You" here.

Hey Alex Greif, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re truly moved by the powerful message of your debut single “Waiting For You”. What pulled you to create such a sincere and patient track as your debut release?

Hi! I’m so glad you’re moved by it. I was in a deeply reflective headspace right after my trip to Barcelona. I was just so present at that time and really open with myself and my thoughts. My idealization of life was at an all-time high. That applied to every facet of my life, which included romantic relationships. I was aware of how single I still was, never actually having been in a real relationship, but was trusting that all good things eventually come to those who wait. I really wanted to write something that would remind me to recommit to my ideals again and again of keeping my standards high even in the face of the people closest to me telling me I was asking for too much. Being from NYC, the scene is made up of a strong hookup culture which is fine, I just personally didn’t want to subscribe to that. I hope listeners consider using this song as a motto for themselves. I also consider myself a sincere person so I’m glad it comes across!

Speaking on the music video for “Waiting For You”, we’ve heard that Alex Greif directed and produced the majority, yet had some help to back you up. Could you take us through what sort of directions you were given at the shoot, and how you wanted scenes to be portrayed?

Absolutely! I met my director of photography while we were both assisting in the camera department on a short film. We met up for coffee several times and I mentioned I had this song that I would love to shoot a music video for. She worked at a camera rental house and was hungry to shoot a personal project. I brought the entire concept - creating storyboards and communicating that with her to see what we could achieve - some things I had to let go of, but my main goal was to create something stylized and achievable. I also created the mood board detailing what the wardrobe, props, and lighting would look like. I wanted it to be dreamlike and moody - a sense of heightened reality. Once we were on set shooting I was overseeing pretty much every department. I like to be involved in everything and I think any artist can relate when it’s their own work. I had a small and wonderful cast and crew. I was back and forth between making sure clothes were getting steamed for the next shot, that props and set decorators were on it, getting on-camera ready myself with the help of my hair and makeup person, communicating with my DP and gaffer how I wanted the lighting to pass through the frame (when to start, at what speed and when to stop) and what colours, directing my actors (making sure they were in the right part of the frame) and self-directing my own performance with the help of my DP and seeing myself on the monitor. There were lots of serving looks and touching, as it was an intimate scene, and instructing when to drop those flower petals! I kept asking for more and more petals after every take! This was all while making sure I had my lyrics down and handled lunch orders correctly. I also edited the music video myself. I wore several hats haha!

The scene with the rose petals drew inspiration from Beauty and the Beast, I was obsessed with Disney movies growing up. As you can see, time is passing by as every petal falls, yet I’m holding on to that rose until my love comes through! The reason you see intimate scenes with lots of shadows and mood lighting between subjects is because I wanted to keep it ambiguous as to which subjects were together. Mixing shots of me in a loving embrace with shots of the actress with similar hair engaging in the same action to create obscurity. It could also represent a forbidden love forced into the shadows. It can be interpreted in a number of ways. During the party scene, I wanted to highlight how my journey can feel lonely much of the time. I see couples forming all the time and I’m always caught observing and yearning for the same thing.

We’ve heard that “Waiting For You” began as a few arpeggiated synths that transformed into a beautiful downtempo electronic escape. What was your creative process like when building on the synth foundation, what feeling or mood were you aiming for?

Yes! I had just purchased my Akai midi controller and was experimenting with the arpeggiator function. Once I started creating chords it created this hypnotic repetitive scale and I started getting excited. It was just so beautiful right off the bat, though it did take me a couple of times to get it right. I started stacking octaves of it and introduced a drum loop that made it the next level. Shortly afterwards, I started sending it around to people I knew who made music and asked for their feedback. Since I found it challenging finding other music people who were willing to spend time collaborating with me I came up with this loophole which I thought was genius and would not take up too much of anyone’s time. I implemented their suggestions by adding improvised bell sounds to fill in empty spaces between vocals and introducing fresh sounds as the track progressed, ya know, “ear candy.” I also decided that my vocals should be breathy and effortless on this track to match that downtempo synth-wave escape. I wanted the feel and mood to ultimately be uplifting and reassuring. Once people started telling me it was in a good spot I was confident that it was ready to be released to the world!

Seeing as Alex Greif is fresh to the music industry, is there anything you’d like to share with our readers to help get to know Alex Greif better? What fuels your creative fire?

Sure! I’ve been singing in the shower and dancing in the mirror since I can remember. I’ve always been a performer, cutting my teeth in choirs and theatre productions to training at Broadway Dance Center to taking vocal lessons for many years. The elements of my artistry are there - the only thing that’s changed is my confidence to share my work. I held myself back for a long time because of doubt fueled by many years of feeling like an outcast. I put a performance on the back burner, but now I want to tap into that side of myself with a passion because I realized how empty I was without it.

I always envisioned myself performing my own songs to an amazing crowd and putting my own music into the world to inspire, heal and change lives, but never had the guts to do it. I realize now that I’m leaning into what I always wanted as a child. I am open to meeting more like-minded producers, songwriters and musicians in the music industry for cowrites while offering my videography services to other artists. What fuels me is this yearning to address deep emotions - that’s the cancer sign in me. What fuels me is honesty and authenticity through my artistry.

What can we expect next from you, Alex?

My next single “LA Affair” is set to release on my birthday July 1st! This song is a throwback to my adventure in LA and the amazing memories I made there. It’s upbeat, anthemic, and celebratory. I’ve got two other songs in the oven as well. I also have a newsletter that I would love for your readers to join via my website - - if they want to stay up to date on my future works! I post regularly to my Instagram accounts whether I’m creating my own content or for other creators so I’d love if your audience could check that out and connect with me :)