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Alex Kreid Embodies a Motivating Unrest Through His New Single, “Mysterious Times”

Growing up in the ’90s, Singer-Songwriter Alex Kreid fell in love with Electronic Pop music.

This love is what drove him to cover “Mysterious Times” by Sash! Featuring Tina Cousins. Alex Kreid's production enhances the depth within the lyrics through new sounds and heightened melodic expression. The original track peaked at number 2 in the UK in 1998 and number 11 on the Billboard Dance Club chart in the US.

“I’ve always loved this track. So when I decided to cover a track this year, I wanted to create a different take on what was a truly great song. I feel that my version places more focus on the depth of the lyrics. It always surprises me that when you actually listen to the lyrics within dance songs they are pretty lyrically deep.” - Alex Kreid

The heightened intensity of the base and various instrumental layers enhances the mysterious sound and motivating energy found within this musical piece. The clean, yet grunge production of mellow sounds strengthens the listener's feeling of danger and unrest, however, creates motivating energy through the mood of uncertainty.

The contrast between Kreids lyrics and vocal harmonies acknowledges the uneasiness of said mysterious times while providing motivation to continue forward. Despite being slowed down and heavily intensified, this track resembles the techno nature of the original piece and sound while creating more feelings of unrest and mystery.

"Mysterious Times" by Alex Kried is truly a unique and layered sound that incites motivation through the uncertainty created in the music and is sure to captivate listeners through its melodic lyrical expression.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your version of “Mysterious Times”. Tell us about your intentions as an artist when you started working on your cover of this song. 

It was something I decided to do within the first lockdown. The lockdown gave me lots of free time on my own to listen to music, music that I hadn’t listened to in a long time, and revisit 90’s songs. When I listened to "Mysterious Times," it took me by surprise that the song was so relevant to the current times. I also noticed that no other artist had ever attempted a version of the song so I wanted to have a challenge and create something worthwhile within lockdown. 

2. You mentioned growing up in and to this day your continued love of 90’s music, Do you think that "Mysterious Times" attempts to duplicate a 90’s sound or rather put your own unique spin on it?

My main aim with "Mysterious Times" was not to replace the original. I wanted to create a different spin on what is already a great song. Stripping the song back, making the meaning of the lyrics more prominent and giving it a fresh new sound. 

With the original tracks you have released previously, would you say that you incorporate other genres into your music, or is writing deep-rooted in the '90s too?

I would say that I am influenced by 90’s music within what I do however, as an artist I can only create what is within me to create within that moment. I listen to a lot of music from many eras and genres. The ’90s usually come into the influence due to that the era was what made me grow a passion for music. 

Do you feel that depending on the mental state you are in that your music and sound are influenced by it? How do you manage to incorporate these feelings into your music?

100%, music gives a lifeline to an artist to say how they are feeling, what is on their mind and to release the emotion away from them to an audience. This is why my style of original songs changes so much however, makes it exciting for me and the audience that we don’t know what will come next.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who is finding it difficult to do so?

Listening to music and finding artists that I have never listened to before keeps me inspired whilst always remembering to keep writing, keep writing, and keep writing. I write every single feeling or moment within my songbook as they happen, use my voice memo every time a melody comes into my head. Use the times that we are within to be creative, ready for when the moment comes that you can put all of that stored creativity into releasing something amazing.

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