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Alexayndra Unveils Her “Premonitions” In Latest Single

Alexayndra is a dark cinematic pop artist from the mysterious city of Salem, Massachusetts. Drawing inspiration from her clairvoyance and mystical practices, she creates music that weaves together her personal and supernatural experiences through a sound that’s completely unique to her.

From a young age, Alexayndra has carried an unwavering passion for music which she discovered through playing the piano and exploring a variety of genres before crafting her distinctive sound. In her latest release, “Premonitions," Alexayndra delves into the depths of her dreams, visions, and inquiries, opening a gateway for those seeking to embark on their spiritual journey.

The track begins with a fast-paced, atmospheric synth melody adorned with distorted ethereal pads and a sounding hollow kick drum. As the track progresses, additional musical layers merge into the composition – a soothing guitar line emerges, followed by an ensemble of strings – creating an exhilarating auditory experience that holds your focus from start to finish. Alexayndra’s reverberated vocals entwine with the melody, showcasing her impressive range and refined singing skills.

In the chorus, she utters the haunting phrases, “I had a premonition that the world quit spinning around” and “Can’t stop insistent intuition,” contributing to the dark and enigmatic ambiance within the harmonies. Through her lyrics, she confronts the undeniable truth that intuition, though not always aligned with our desires, is never deceptive. Her emotional transparency and authenticity resonate through her words, forging a strong connection between her personal experiences and the message of “Premonitions."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alexayndra, and congratulations on your latest release, "Premonitions." We’d love to know what has influenced your music style.

I was influenced by so many incredible artists growing up, including many emo and electronic bands and pop, rock, jazz, and r&b classics that my parents introduced me to. To say I was music obsessed would be an understatement. My headphones were glued to my head; I listened to everything I could get my hands on. I always gravitated the most towards emotive and experimental singers and bands like Björk, Fiona Apple, Frou Frou, Amy Lee in Evanescence, and Chester Bennington in Linkin Park. These artists made me feel safe to be me and feel everything I was going through, no matter how intense or complicated. They inspired me to create a world that’s entirely my own. When I’m writing now, I listen to the music that’s swirling through and inside of me and try my best to get it out as close as possible to what I hear. My greatest hope is to provide that same safe and free space for someone else with anything I share. I want to keep adding to this weird little wonderland of feeling and honest expression that connects us with our souls.

In your latest release, “Premonitions,” you explore your visions and intuition. Has intuition always played a significant role in guiding you throughout life?

Yes, for better or for worse! Haha! Since I was a baby, I had these intense lucid dreams, nightmares, and visions I didn’t really understand. It was (and still is) always happening, just an overflow of imagination and feeling that often would later relate to situations around me. I felt like I was living out of time, and maybe who I really was, was somewhere down the road, and I was constantly trying to catch up to that person. These feelings intensified growing up under the pressure of the music industry. I became entirely future-focused and extremely stressed over every decision I made. Feeling and seeing outcomes ahead of time was confusing and sometimes painful for me. I had to learn to let go of believing these were things I could control. I found a lot of comfort in spiritual practices to better understand myself and these experiences. Constantly writing music and creating also helped me reconnect with my emotions, whether they were happening now or later. I often “premonition” write, so I would write something that would be a message to myself from the future or sometimes for someone else entirely. I still freak out a little if I’m having a particularly good week but feel the need to write a specific sad song.

What message do you hope listeners will take away from “Premonitions?"

Trusting your intuition can feel chaotic and strange, and confusing. But as weird as it may be, there’s a reason you feel this way— follow that and listen to yourself. You’re on your own timeline, and your soul ultimately knows where you are going and want to be. We might not be able to control outcomes, but heeding your inner voice will help you best navigate them.

What's next for you? Are there any upcoming projects your listeners can look forward to?

Im so excited for all I’m sharing this year! A full EP of more “Premonitions” is coming this summer. Sign up with your email at to be the first to know about new releases, videos, merch drops, performances, and live streams.

If your music was a flavor, what would it taste like?

Hmmmm, warm, aromatic, a little spicy, bold, and unexpectedly comforting. I am really hungry right now.


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