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Alice Austin Asks “Could I Come Back”

Alice Austin's musical odyssey from Vermont to Los Angeles has been marked by her adaptability and diverse influences.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Shocking Blue, Jefferson Airplane, PJ Harvey, and Wanda Jackson, Austin has consistently showcased her exceptional talent and ability to traverse various genres. As a solo artist, she has built an impressive discography that seamlessly blends country, indie, and rock.

Her 2022 full-length album, 'Goodnight Euphoria' is a testament to Austin's versatility and growth as an artist. This experimental take on a classic soft rock with a darker twist fuses various musical elements that Austin has honed throughout her career. Taking a stylistic hairpin turn from her 2022 release, Austin has recorded a full-length retro synth-pop album called “Break The Spell,” to be released July 7, 2023. One of the standout tracks on the album, "Could I Come Back," exemplifies her unique ability to create a captivating and evocative listening experience.

"Could I Come Back" features poignant lyrics that express a sense of longing and introspection. Lines like "You feel like home, and that's the problem, baby. I don't wanna go back. I don't wanna go back in time" are delivered with a mix of vulnerability and resolve, reflecting the internal struggle of the song's protagonist. The song's instrumentation further underscores the emotional journey with its dreamy, nostalgic melodies infused with melancholy.

As the lead singer of Black Sabbitch, the all-female Black Sabbath cover band redefining the genre, Austin has displayed another facet of her artistic expression. However, "Could I Come Back" demonstrates her ability to transition from the raucous energy of Black Sabbitch to the introspective and deeply personal artistry found in her solo work. This song is a prime example of Austin's ability to blend diverse genres into a cohesive and emotionally resonant piece.

Alice Austin's illustrious career has been marked by her exceptional talent, adaptability, and ability to create unique and evocative music. "Could I Come Back," a standout track from her forthcoming album “Break The Spell," is a shining example of these qualities. Austin continues to captivate audiences with her versatile and introspective artistry, solidifying her place as a formidable force in the ever-evolving world of music.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Alice Austin! Cheers on bringing the feels on "Could I Come Back," where you've expertly blended vulnerability and resolve within the lyrics. Can you share the inspiration behind the song's theme and how your personal experiences influenced its creation?

Thank you, the vulnerability was definitely a main ingredient on this one. Sometimes a song comes out through stream of consciousness before you’re clear on its context in the physical world, and this is a perfect example. Since it was a collaboration with my dear friend and producer David Drouin, the theme was inspired by a variety of conversations about the cycles of heartbreak in love, music, and even the desire to play the game of life. To me, the question of “Could I Come Back” is really about how we all have access to healing beyond even the belief in ourselves. I find these lyrics speaking the truth in real-time. The instrumentation in "Could I Come Back" is marked by dreamy, nostalgic melodies infused with melancholy. How did you approach the composition process, and what elements were key in achieving the desired emotional impact?

We wanted to create a soundscape embodying the nostalgia of coming of age in the 80s with the complex emotional spectrum of adulthood in the simplest way possible. On a technical level, the Roland Juno 60 was THE 80s synth sound, so naturally, we went there as the album's sonic foundation. It helped me to get into the flashback mindset while singing. It was so familiar but also completely new. "Could I Come Back" is a standout track. How does the song fit within your overall project's narrative, and what message or feeling do you hope listeners will take away from it?

This song is an outlier for the record, so it is probably my favourite. It’s the closest sound to R&B I’ve ever done. Anytime you reach in a new and exciting way, the hope is that it shines through to anyone listening, and they can pick up on that. But it is within the synth-pop bubble we made for the whole album. The takeaway is intended to be a hypnotic time-space warp. It’s a familiar feeling, but you’ve never heard of it. Your musical journey has seen you explore various genres and styles. How has your evolution as an artist informed the writing and production of "Could I Come Back," and what new influences have you drawn upon for this song?

Thankfully, I’m 100% all over the map with musical genre and style. I feel a sense of freedom and welcome challenge as currently fronting Black Sabbitch and have written albums of indie rock, pop-punk, cosmic country, psychedelic folk, and now retro synth pop. A cool full-circle story… When I was living on the east coast about 14 years ago, my first attempt at recording with Dave was a Cyndi Lauper song that never finished, partly because I didn’t have the vocal chops and partly because I moved to LA and didn’t get it done. So this has been a lot of satisfaction for both of us and has been such a blast. As you continue to create innovative and captivating music like "Could I Come Back," what can your fans expect from your future projects?

Are you excited to explore new directions or collaborations in the coming years? Well, you never know… I am sure it won’t be more of the same, though. I’m dying to do a heavy rock record or hair metal/glam, but some acoustic folk music would also be nice. I can’t wait to start the next thing already.

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