Alicia Moffet Sings A Different Kind Of "Lullaby," In A New Single

Quebec-based singer-songwriter and pop/r&b recording artist Alicia Moffet sings a sassy and confident "Lullaby" in her latest groovy single.

The platinum-selling recording artist first ventured into the music industry after winning YTV's The Next Star and becoming a semi-finalist on The Voice at 15 years old. Eight years later, Alicia Moffet has continued to captivate audiences with her debut album 'Billie Ave,' which garnered over 17 million streams.

Recently releasing her flavorful and powerful single, "Lullaby," Alicia Moffet says this song is an anthem for her, and we get the feeling most of our readers will heavily relate. Moffet was always the type of person to keep her thoughts to herself, but she's turning a new page and letting her views be heard in this new single.

Jumping into the single, "Lullaby," the song gently opens with Alicia Moffet's soothing and smooth vocals alongside a tender r&b keyboard melody that sets the song's moody and mysterious tone. As Moffet floats into her head voice, we hear vast similarities to the vocal stylings and attitude of Billie Eilish. As the pop beat drops, Alicia Moffet drops a big fuck you to her haters through her witty and empowering lyrics.

We adore the haunting and mysterious vibe of this track; it's the perfect mix of soothing r&b and electro-pop that makes our speakers melt. While Alicia Moffet continues to belt her thoughts and distaste for specific people, she grooves her way to the outro, oozing with confidence, poise, and angst.

Allow Alicia Moffet to serenade you with an adult "Lullaby" in her latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alicia Moffet. We're totally impressed with the soul and attitude you've delivered in your recent single, "Lullaby." What inspired you to write such an empowering song?

Thank you so much for your words! The inspiration behind “Lullaby” is a mix of so many things/experiences/moments that happened in my life or that I witnessed. Moments where I might have felt uncomfortable, embarrassed, mad, sad. etc. This song is an anthem with a touch of humor and self-mockery to say F*ck it all and to reclaim your power after situations where you might have felt diminished.

Although you've never been the type to shout your opinions and views, why did you choose to do so in "Lullaby?” Was it easy for you to transform your thoughts into lyrics?

With time I realized how easier it is for me to express myself through music rather than speaking to someone. It also probably avoids many conflicts because to me writing a song where I get everything off my chest kind of has the same effect as if I got everything off my chest through a big conversation with someone! So “Lullaby” was a way to express my mind on taboo topics without literally saying it.

Who produced the groovy and gripping sonics within "Lullaby?” What vibe did you want the production to offer?

My producer Bynon is the one who produced the song along with pretty much all of my other songs! We work really well together! We wanted to have a groovy, lightweight, positive vibe to give a little bit of contrast to the heavier kind of lyrics. We wanted the song to make people feel good and empowered!

How does "Lullaby" reflect your artistic brand? Do you usually release such confident and cathartic songs like this?

“Lullaby” is much different from anything I’ve ever released. I think there is a big difference between the music I write and the music I listen to and in this song, I feel like I really mixed both more! I listen to a lot of uptempo/dance/pop songs but they’re not the ones I like to perform much! In “Lullaby” I tried to get out of my comfort zone to find the right way to express my message/vibe and I really think we found the sweet spot!