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Align Yourself in Electronic Escapades With Ulysses' Single, "Count On Me"

Born Ulysses Kupaianaha Coppard, in Hawaii, Ulysses has always had a surplus of ideas to draw inspiration from. With obstacles he has endured paying off in a major way, Ulysses has found that they have provided fuel to the fire of his creativity.

Ulysses states, “It really took a lot of time and life experience to pull everything together. It felt like there were a lot of obstacles to growing as a person and as an artist.” Since 2015, he’s self-produced four EP’s, a handful of singles, mixed and mastered several full-length records for other artists, all the while keeping an eye on the inner workings of his mind and heart; with a pen ready to capture the magic.

Redefining the genre of Electronic music, Ulysses combines elements of a Contemporary Hip-hop wave with a certain Pop flavor that unites the EDM-styled melodies in a draping donation of emotionally gripping connotations. “Count On Me,” displays churning instrumentation that progresses in complexity as the song further expands to its full capacity.

Slick grooves immerse your soundwaves in a mesmerizing manner as you become fixated on the undeniable vocalization of Ulysses that coats your ears with his sugary solitude in an offering of lush melodies.

Effortlessly cascading with the enticing instrumentation at hand, you find yourself anticipating each twist and turn that continues to keep you on your toes as the music advances in a unified way. The stylistic evolution of “Count On Me,” approaches a realm of weighty synths that meet their airy counterpart as the direction of spatial delivery surges in a charm-filled presentation of captivation.

Dominating the eclectic stylings as he claims this kingdom as his own, there is a lot to say about the time and effort that Ulysses applies to each record placed fourth. Prominent with the brilliant transmission released from each glistening moment shared in, “Count On Me,” those are the words that continue to ring bells long after Ulysses’ striking composition comes to a halt.

Congratulations on the release of, “Count On Me.” With your sound remaining so unique to the genres out there, how was it that you discovered your distinct sound?

Hey, thanks! I didn't really pay attention in school, I feel like that helped. I've always been willing to follow my own interests and shut out the noise. I copy other artists all the time, but from a wide enough range that it's not obvious. Anybody can have a unique style, I believe finding it is all about looking within and trusting your own taste.

What moment or story inspired your creation of “Count On Me?" What does this song mean to you?

It's sort of a collage of things. On one level, it's examining my experience during a recent relationship. On a deeper level, it's about the loss of my father. After he passed it fell to me to help my family come together and move forward. I realized that I'm someone dependable, someone, you can count on, and that I require that from people in my life as well. Despite the sorrow, I was able to learn and grow from it.

Which musical influences do you allow to speak into the songs that you put forth?

There are so many! I love alternative electronic music. I can trace my influences from Radiohead, Jon Hopkins, James Blake, SBTRKT, Kanye, Jai Paul, Moderat, Trentmøller, The Acid, Grimes... If we're going to the musical buffet I'm trying nearly everything. To be real I've got to include Bieber, The Weeknd, Tove Lo, Beach House, Keane, Coldplay, Crystal Castles, Daftpunk. Oh God somebody stops me.

What is the main message that you send out to your listeners as an artist?

When I make music I look into my heart, and I hope I inspire others to do the same. If I can capture my experience as a human and a spirit here on this earth, and bend airwaves so people can get inside that vibe, well, I can't think of anything cooler. Empathy is important to me.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Life keeps happening! It's tempting to think that everything comes to a standstill when the world changes, but it's important to keep moving, even when your body is in the same place. On another note, there's so much energy rushing around right now. People are scared, angry, confused. As an artist, I have an opportunity to release some of that pressure and I take that seriously.

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