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Aliza Li Lays It All out with New Single “Sometimes I Get High”

Have you ever heard trap and soul music mixed together? How about also adding R&B in there? Aliza Li delivers us this sonic goodness with her new single “Sometimes I Get High”.  Starting out with a trap beat, you’re then introduced to a soul synth and repeating R&B style vocals and then your ears are strapped in for what you are experiencing! The fusion of all 3 is very well executed and creates uniqueness for an otherwise over-saturated market. “Sometimes I Get High” definitely cements Aliza Li as a force to be recognized and a true artist, creating something totally refreshing. Speaking to her melodies, she serves up these infectious hooks that don’t leave you and captivate you. Lyrically, this is a very honest song, right from the title of the track. “Sometimes I Get High” isn’t very dynamic, but rather stays linear, which is expected for an R&B driven track and it’s totally acceptable.

The delivery of this song is a 10/10 and is incredibly honest. There is nothing holding back this genre-pushing and sonic boundary-breaking artist. Aliza Li showcases true artistry with "Sometimes I Get High” and we strongly suggest this is added to your playlists today. Do yourself and your friends a favor, listen to this and share it around.  Listen to "Sometimes I Get High" here.

Thanks for speaking with us today at Buzz Music! "Sometimes I Get High" is an honest delivery. What is the true message of this song for those who don’t know?

Sometimes I Get High is about the rare opportunities that you get to experience love in life and those who live for those rare opportunities...the highs of life. 

The fusion of R&B, TrapSoul, and Neo-Soul is extremely progressive for music! What inspired the combustion of all 3?

Really it was about me finding my sound. I'm not an artist that can be confined to one genre. To me, all of the genres have certain aspects in common that allow me to move fluid through them.

Who are some artists that have really inspired your sound?

I draw inspiration from a lot of artists but some of my top ones are Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Musiq Soulchild.

Who are some artists and producers you’d love to team up with and why?

I'd love to team up with Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliott, their styles are so eccentric and they are so passionate about what they do. I know the creativity would be off the charts! 

Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish with your music as we approach a new year?

I hope to keep promoting my music and find some dope inspiration for my next project. 


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