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Allanah Jeffreys Gives A Powerful And Meaningful Message With Her Latest Release, “I’ll Be Me”

Canadian Singer and Songwriter Allanah Jeffreys, uncovered her passion for music at the early age of 6. Allanah’s love for music spans many genres, which shows in her versatility live. Off stage Allanah can be described as quiet but comes alive when she hits the stage. Her live performances can be described as energetic, engaging and personable, capturing the hearts of many fans, young and old. She is heavily influenced by many of the classic rock artists which includes Led Zeppelin, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

She released her latest single title “I’ll Be Me” where she discusses the true meaning of liberation. In this song, Allanah Jeffreys delivers the message of being who you are and not allowing others to bring you down. Knowing we live in a cruel world where judgment is often abrasive and apparent, “I’ll Be Me” is the emotional challenging song that evokes us to combat these judgmental ideas and thoughts that are constantly being presented and forced upon us. Allanah Jeffreys lets her listener know that they are beautiful, the way they are. Giving us a sense of confidence, her dynamic vocals and powerful spirit radiates across this record. “I’ll Be Me” is the perfect song to attain a sense of power and ferocity from. If you don’t feel twice as more brave then you were prior to listening? Well, we don’t know what to tell you!

Listen to "I'll Be Me" here and get to know more about Allanah Jeffreys below!

Hey there Allanah! Please tell our readers how you knew music was your calling?

Ever since I was little I’ve had a love for music. My parents, being musicians themselves introduced me to music at a young age.  I’ve been influenced a lot by classic rock, Taylor Swift and Shania twain. My parents enrolled me in piano and vocal lessons when I was very young, and ever since then I’ve loved performing and being on stage. 

What are the biggest challenges you’ve encountered within the music scene so far? Any challenges affiliated with your age?

Although I know many talented young musicians, it has been a challenge putting together the right players who have the same goals and vision.  I am currently working with a great group of young and talented musicians that will allow this project to move to the next level. Despite my age, I have gained support from many fans young and old which I am very thankful for. 

Your voice is so pure and honest! We loved listening to “I’ll Be Me”—tell us, what was your favorite part about curating this single?

Everything from writing the song, to recording in the studio was very special and a lot of fun. I would probably have to say my favourite part was the actual recording process. The environment in the studio was so relaxing, and I didn’t feel scared about anything. I was in my own zone, and wasn’t afraid to let loose and feel the music. I put my all into this song as it truly speaks from my heart. 

There was definitely a strong lyrical presence in “I’ll Be Me”. What motivated you to write this song?

We live in a world that can easily knock you down. I’ve dealt with a lot of competition in my life, and times that I have simply not felt good enough. From being brought down by others, and myself, I’ve struggled with being my true self because of being afraid of what people are gonna think of me. This song speaks about being confident in yourself, and not caring about what others think. People bring down others just to lift themselves up. Everyone is struggling just like you are in this world, and we all need to stop comparing ourselves to others and worrying about making mistakes. The day we let go of our fears, is the day we will truly find ourselves. 

What’s next for you? Can we expect to see any upcoming releases in the near future?

Yes! I have a single that will be ready to release in about a month, and another one coming out later this summer as well. 


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