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Allow Rikke Normann to Lift You With Her Optimistic Single, "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)"

Hailing from Norway, the one-woman show Rikke Normann is accompanied by American Soul Singer/Songwriter Adam Douglas for their optimistic and uplifting single, "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)." Rikke Normann has been making her away around as one of Norway's most in-demand vocalists and backup singers, touring with the likes of Bernhoft, Sivert Høyem, Madcon, (and more), while also being handpicked to sing with John Legend at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2017. Producing and writing all of her music herself, Rikke Normann is truly an artist to keep track of.

Through her recent single, "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)," Rikke Normann brings a positive and forward-moving theme to the song regarding over-worrying and taking life one step at a time. Adam Douglas accompanies Rikke Normann and offers warm and ear-pleasing harmonies, making for a serene experience alongside the bluesy guitar work and mid-tempo drum patterns.

"don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)" begins with bright instrumentation through a warm and bluesy electric guitar, melodic keys, sweet bass licks, and mid-tempo drum patterns. As Rikke Normann makes her lovely vocal appearance, she begins singing her meaningful lyrics while reminding us that everything tends to work out in the end. As Adam Douglas enters the song and offers beautiful harmonies alongside Rikke Normann, we can't help but feel refreshed through their uplifting messages. Going into Adam Douglas' verse, his highly melodic vocals sweeten the song with his sugary stylings that naturally lift the listener out of their sorrows and into the song's bliss. The surrounding instrumentals end the song off with a warm sense of hope, allowing listeners to take away the themes that Rikke Normann and Adam Douglas deliver.

We always appreciate an uplifting tune that reminds us to take it easy, especially with the sweet stylings of Rikke Normann and her latest single, "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)."

Why did you want to create a single that reminds listeners to take a step back from their worries with, "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)?"

Because people tend to worry alot about unnecessary things without being aware of it. I find, too much worrying takes away from general happiness, so I wrote it to remind both myself and others to try to only worry about the stuff that needs worrying. My nickname has always been «the great worrier» but after writing this song I worry fewer, I’m more aware.

When asking Adam Douglas to collaborate with you for your single, "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)," did the two of you write your lyrics together? How did your songwriting process go?

The song was written by me alone, but it always sounded like a duet in my head, so I thought Adam might have a fitting voice and male perspective on the topic. I asked, he said yes and the rest is history.

When creating the instrumentals for your single, "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)," what sort of sound were you initially going for? What inspired the warm Blues approach that you delivered within the song?

Before Corona, Adam and I got to test the song live a couple of times, when I was opening for him on tour, he played guitar on it as well then, and his bluesy soul approach fitted quite well as a contrast to the lyrics, making it a bit more light-hearted, so we decided to take it in that direction. I want the worriers of the world to get an uplifting experience when listening to it.

How does "don't you worry (feat. Adam Douglas)" contrast the rest of your discography in terms of lyrical concepts? Do you usually write such positive and optimistic messages?

When it comes to songwriting I follow my heart, I don’t really try for anything other than put in words what I am experiencing or observing in that moment of time or period. Some people say I have a love for talking about difficult feelings through my music, and if that is so, then I would say that no, I don’t usually write uplifting stuff. Haha

What goals do you have with your music going into the new year, Rikke?

My musical goals for the new year is to continue playing as much live as I can, preferably with my lovely band, so I can talk about important stuff through my music, show vulnerability and imperfections, which I’ve found helps people think and be aware of themselves and what’s going on inside them or in their life, (I like trying to help people). I’m releasing a new album in March, called “the art of letting go” and also recording a new one before that in January.


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