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Alluring & Entertaining Pop Artist Kit Major Shows Us Her "Wild Side" in End-Of-The-Year Release

Pop artist Kit Major has been consistently releasing tracks during this year, and her most recent releases have been offering a different kind of vocal performance! Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Kit Major grabs her inspiration from all around her to create lively and sultry soundings for listeners. Her songs contain such a playful aspect, they make you feel giddy and incredibly confident. We love the sense of power Kit Major keeps during her tracks, and this power wasn't any different in her most recent track.

The end of 2019 sees the release of "Wild Side" from Kit Major. Right when we start the track, the catchy and upbeat rhythm highlights the energy the song will emulate from start to end. Kit Major's vocals soon fill the track, and her voice is very harmonious. She sings at a fast pace, which attributes to that bustling feeling. When we listen closely to the chosen synths for "Wild Side", it's clear that they were chosen strategically to make listeners feel incredibly jubilant. That is the perfect word to describe the way Kit Major and her voice make us feel--happy! She knows how to maintain a mysterious aspect to herself though, which skyrockets our curiosity on her next vocal offering. All in all, we find the track to be rambunctious, and full of inspiration for listeners to step out of their comfort zone. "Wild Side" matched well with the overall theme of Kit Major, and so we know we can expect similar soundings to be released in the upcoming year!

Listen to Kit Major's "Wild Side" here.

You grew up in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. What's the difference between the music scene's in each and how has it helped you shape where you are in your musical journey today?

I started off in Chicago and played in the underground indie scene. The venues I went to were DIY art houses and I would carry my piano around wherever I went. There's so much art and freedom in LA, which is exciting. I think being in Chicago nurtured me and made me into the artist and person I am today.

We really enjoyed your new single 'Wild Side'. What inspired this song?

Thank you! It started out when my friend was seeing someone who had never gone out dancing before and I thought about what happens when you're in a relationship and you don't go out and try different things- like joining a creepy cult together. The song was inspired by 90's house music. I wanted this to be something people could dance to and let go. 

Tell us a bit about the music video production and creation process for the 'Wild Side' music video

This music video was the continuation to the previous single I released, 'Pray 2 Pop' - the story of sacrificing yourself to be a pop star. Wild Side is all about the party that I was heading to on the motorcycle shown at the end of Pray 2 Pop. It's the wild side where everyone there is in on the cult and have sacrificed to be pop stars- so I had my friends and some of my favorite musicians featured in the video. It's a collective "we" once you enter the party, which is why everyone knew the words to the song. It was released on December 2nd, the same day as Michael Jackson's Thriller music video as an added element of creepiness. This video was directed by Noël Dombroski, my best friend. We met at USC through their film program. She's super talented, fun to work with and completely brought the whole story to life!

If you could collaborate with any artist on your next project, who would you choose to work with? Why?

I would love to collaborate with Allie X. She's been an artist I've been listening to and adore for the longest time. CollXtion I was the first album I bought and listened to when I moved to LA. I love her songwriting and producing style and fashion in general. She's so badass! 

What's next for Kit Major?

I'm working towards my first EP! I have a couple of singles and videos in the works, including one that is very vulnerable and special to me- she could be Strawberry Milkshake's sister. I'm excited for what's next. 



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