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Ally E Is Back With With Her Stylistic Release “the Storm"

The Dallas based genre-fusing artist Ally E strives on creating music where she can express herself in compelling stories. Her methodology of music releasing heavy burdens on people's shoulders carries through with all of her releases, especially in her release “The Storm” off of her latest EP ’Toxic’. “The Storm” opens up with an ear-catching short monologue before hitting your instantly with Ally E’s ever so silky voice with a soft electric keyboard. We couldn’t help but be put into a trance while listening to “The Storm”, Ally E’s mesmerizing voice combined with a chill background instrumentation makes for a moody rainy night out where you can’t help but reflect on your inner thoughts. The nostalgic R&B vibes present in “The Storm” make for an experience that features a deep Moogy bass, a dynamically moving 808 drum kit, electric piano, and beautiful vocals from Ally E that show off her musicality from her catchy songwriting and her spot-on harmonies that flow together with the lead vocal. “The Storm” is a release that shows us what Ally E is capable of and we can’t wait for more. You can find “The Storm” here.

Hey there, Ally E! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your release “Storm” seems to have a really personal touch to it, how do you personally connect with the lyrics? Was there anything in particular that inspired the story?

This song is about a personal experience of mine. I started dating a guy, and like most people, I gave him my whole being. After we started dating, he started being standoffish, and he cheated. It left me in a really dark place, I felt like I was alone and no one could love me. All that being said, it taught me that I needed to love myself unconditionally and devote my heart to God before I could be in a relationship again. 

We’re loving the nostalgic R&B vibes you have going on, what was your inspiration behind the sounds? Do you have any influences from that era that you take notes from?

Thank you so much! I honestly don’t know where to start! I guess I could say my biggest R&B inspiration when it comes to my sound, is Fantasia. She is literally everything! She has dope lyrical content plus emotion, plus elegant but fire production! However, I do have a lot of R&B inspiration when it comes to my music, such as Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosius, and Jennifer Hudson.

Being a Dallas native, did you ever find the music of the city influencing the music that you were creating? Have you ever thought of moving to another city to create music?

Yes, Dallas is influenced by the urban music scene, mostly Hip-Hop. When I am creating a piece of work, I tend to use Hip- Hop elements in my production or in a melodic lyrical texture. Even though I love Dallas and most of my family is here after I graduate, I have decided to move to Atlanta. The music scene there is crazy, complex, and hype so, going there will hopefully launch my songwriting career. 

Doing co-write sessions is definitely a lot of fun, how has doing those influenced the music that you are creating? Who are some of the people that you have written with?

Writing with people who don’t necessarily have my same writing style or genre as me is really educational yet, fun. I learn a little bit about what makes them unique, as well as being educated on somethings I like about a different genre. So, in short, the answer is yes! When I learn something new, I try to bring some of that flavor in my music as best that I can. I have written with a lot of artists at Berklee, such as Maya the Mayan, Rachael Woods, LEW, and many more!

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I am super excited for this year!  I have been working on a couple of singles that I will be releasing really soon. I am also working on my full album release at the end of the year.  I have been using this time to reflect on my artistry, as well as my thoughts and path. I just thank God that I will be able to tell my story throughout the rest of the year!


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