Allyse Gibson Heats Things Up With “Never Back Down”

Multi-talented South Florida Singer and Actor, Allyse Gibson releases her sultry and heated single, “Never Back Down.”

Known for her petite stature, high-energy performance, and multi-talents, Allyse Gibson finds a way to blend styles from flowy R&B to up-tempo Pop in order to create a sound unique to her own. With her high hopes to both inspire listeners with the tunes she creates and makes them move to the catchy melodies, Allyse Gibson’s multi-talents and determination aid in her rising music and acting career.

She is back today with her empowering latest new single, “Never Back Down,” with visuals to pair with it. The song is a fierce and motivational Pop anthem touching on Afrobeat vibes. 

“Never Back Down,” instantly sets a prevailing ambiance with an upbeat tempo that sets the tone for the visuals and record.

When Allyse Gibson vocalizes her first melodies, you’re hit with empowering lyrics painting a picture on her tropical canvas. The forward presence in the instrumentation directs you to a mood that Allyse Gibson governs so seamlessly.

The resonance through her sultry tone provides an extremely smooth and satisfying listening experience when voyaging through her hard-hitting performance as an audible expedition.

The visuals are extremely easing with sizzling summer vibes on the beach that switches between quick-cut shots and scenes that have a longer duration. With a variety of outfits ranging from wetsuits, jeweled bodysuits to bikinis, this music video keeps you drawn into the next elements approaching.

You can see Allyse Gibson and her backup dancers creating an atmosphere that has you bopping to this song and scenes with her progressing through branches and the water continue to add an enticing element to the already magnetic song showcased.

We love the energy that Allyse Gibson brings to the table with these sultry visuals and a powerhouse of a track. We’re looking forward to what she is going to treat us within her future endeavors.

Stream "Never Back Down" here.

Congratulations on the release of, “Never Back Down.” We love the concept you put together for the visuals of this record. Could you take us into the creative process when bringing this vision to life?

The afrobeat/pop sound of the track (produced by Khwezi) gave me beach vibes. I also really enjoy going to the beach and decided to bring my love for the tropical environment into the visuals. The beach gives me peace but is also empowering and I thought it fit the lyrics of the song. The video was shot in West Palm Beach, FL., by Framegxd and the choreography and creative direction were done by Tiffani Greene. 

What does, “Never Back Down,” mean to you? What would you like listeners to take away from this song?

I wrote this song at the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine. The world stopped for everyone and I feel like I needed to write something uplifting. "Never Back Down" means to never stop making moves to pursue your dreams or live the life you want to live regardless of the challenges you may face.

What is the most memorable moment you have when creating, “Never Back Down”?

The most memorable moment I had creating the song was when I finally came up with the lyrics and melody for the chorus. I was at home in quarantine with my parents in Florida and was determined to write something meaningful. The chorus is a strong and powerful statement. I knew the song would be something special and that’s when the creative juices really started flowing. 

How did the collaboration of all the dancers in the, “Never Back Down,” music video come to be?

Tiffani Greene did choreography and brought in Mercaydes, a super talented dancer. Both are from West Palm Beach. I love showcasing talent from my home town.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you? 

I am currently in the studio working on new singles and an EP. I am definitely keeping the international pop vibes in my music and giving fans something to dance to!