Alph6 Six Spit His Truth In “Tilting It Back”

Alph6 Six is a young up and coming rapper from Colorado. Writing since he was 14, he pours his heart and soul into his music and strives to pursue his dream. Ambitious and authentic Alph6 Six dropped his debut single last year and we can’t believe we’re just hearing it now!

“Tilting It Back” is a dope retrospective track that weaves through Alph6 Six’ trials and tribulations and real life experiences. His perfect flowing bars fused with the rhythmic textures and emotive lyricism make for an expert hip-hop track. “Tilting It Back” refers to Alph6 Six drinking it up and enjoying his life. “Tilting It Back” tells a story and takes the listener on a soulful journey full of struggle and vulnerability. It’s admirable for an artist to write a track that lets his listeners inside his mind and that’s exactly what Alph6 Six achieves. I highly recommend you check out this dope banger and watch out for Alph6 Six because he’s on his way to the top!

Check out “Tilting It Back” here, and scroll down for Alph6 Six’ interview with the BuzzMusic team!

How did you come up with this stage name?

I got my stage name from when i went to jail for the first time

Who are your top three musical influences?

My top three musical influences are Eminem Bone thugs in harmony Tech Nine(Not in that order)

What’s the meaning behind your track “Tilting It Back”?

My song "Tilting It Back" is about some hard times that i was going through at the time, for example I was living in my van that i had at the time, and about the drug problem i was going through. I was in a low spot at the time but happy to say i am in a better place 

What’s next for you and your career?

I am planning on coming out with a new mixtape and do some more shows.


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