Alt-Rock Group, At Any Moment brings a unique flair to the table with new EP 'Letting Go'

The Detroit, based alternative rock group At Any Moment is one of those artists that brings a unique flair to the table, combining funk and soul styles. At Any Moment brings forth a never before heart diversity and authenticity. Each release from At Any Moment is genuinely unique of an experience, with no two songs being the same, and then on top of that effortlessly covering just about every genre up there, At Any Moment will be sure to keep you on your toes.

Prevalent in their latest EP, ‘Letting Go,’ each song has its unique spin but feels cohesive enough to be part of one project. Opening up with the title track, “Letting Go,” we were brought to an almost dystopian vibe through the use of calm yet edgy guitars, and a constant pulse of a rimshot groove before exploding in energy to a verse that screams excitement. “Letting Go,” tells us the story of finding difficulty moving on in life from a crucial moment.

“Build You Wall,” turns the funk up and keeps a tightly packed rhythm section groove between the guitar and bass that beautifully accents the drums. On top of that, the vocal performance in “Build Your Wall” is awe-inspiring to listen to. It has a theatrical sound that perfectly tells us about what it’s like for humankind to come together as one and unite, no matter how powerful someone may think they are. The third record on the ‘Letting Go’ EP “Voices” brings the tempo down but the mood up. Featuring an acoustic guitar intro before being into a ballad groove between electric guitar and drums, “Voices” tells us the story of trying to break free from the voices inside of your head. This touching song gives a glimpse of hope that we believe many will be able to find comfort.

To close off the EP, “Moving On” is a short but sweet closer that gives an almost mysterious vibe, consisting of just a lo-fi guitar, it almost teases to us that more is coming soon. It was a beautiful closer to the whole EP, we felt entirely at rest but also craving for more. At Any Moment’s latest EP ‘Letting Go’ is a dynamic journey through what At Any Moment is capable of, and we cannot recommend enough for everyone to give this one a listen. It has everything you need to make for a peaceful but exciting evening.

Your latest EP ‘Letting Go’ felt like a dynamic storytelling experience, in your own words how would you describe the story being told in each song?

Absolutely! I'll start with Letting Go. Letting Go is really about just that. It's a beautiful thing to be able to let things go, to live life with no regrets and be able to forgive those who have done you wrong whether it's a significant other, family member, colleague, etc. holding on to grudges is counterproductive for your own self growth and in most cases, the hardest person to forgive is yourself. In most cases people dwell in the past and hang on to negativity and let themselves be held back in life in a place of self pity. Letting Go affirms that it's a beautiful thing to forgive; forgive those who may have done you wrong in some way and ,more importantly, forgive yourself. Each person's situation is unique and it will touch peoples' mind, body, and spirit in different ways.

Next is "Build Your Wall". It has a rebellious "Fight The Power" vibe to it. The underlying message in the song is United We Stand and Divided We Fall. U.S President Trump seems to support racism, separation, violence, disrespecting women, etc and we speak out against it. Trump has expressed interest in building a wall to separate the people and our stance is HELL NO!!! Build the wall but you won't stop us, you won't divide us, you won't silence us. We are United!

Last is "Voices".  It is an emotional song of self-reflection and doubt referring to the negativity that is put in your head even from yourself or those close to you (voices). Those voices are sometimes what push people over the edge to do unfortunate things that there's no coming back from and this song was written to connect with people who have those thoughts and hear those voices. Basically to let people know they're not alone.

As a whole band, what does the songwriting process look like? Are there any particular members that do most of the writing or is it done as a whole? Are there any go-to inspiring instruments that you choose to write from?

Typically the guitar comes first when we're writing music. Justen Longo, our drummer, Kyle Clark, and Nolan Turner, our guitarists, and Hani Aljanabi, our bassist, are constantly bringing different ideas to the table. A riff, a melody, a chord progression, a cadence or strum pattern, and then we build from there. Some of our songs have been written pretty quick while others take a little while longer depending on how complex it is and where we take it. From there, our vocalist, Dennis Lee, writes the lyrics based on where the music takes him creatively, emotionally, etc.

We’re loving the unique tones in each record off the EP, what was the whole recording process like for this one? Are there any interesting stories that happened?

Each song essentially went through the same process of trial and error lol. We experimented with different guitars, different amps, different pedals, different effects, etc. We did this intricately until we found the perfect tone for each song.  How has being based out of Detroit helped influence the music that you are creating? How do you feel as a group you are pushing the boundaries of alternative rock?

Detroit comes with a certain persona. A blue-collar, "Detroit vs Everybody" kinda swag. Not to mention the influence that Motown Music has on Everyone across the nation. With that being said, Detroit has had a tremendous influence on our music and all of the different genres that we fuse together in our music is very unique and will change the way people view alternative rock. Thank you for being with us At Any Moment! What else can we expect from you in 2020?

Absolutely!! Thank you for having us. We're continuing to record new music and post on our socials: Instagram and Twitter @atanmomentmi.

Facebook @atanymomentband

We would also be performing if it wasn't for all the restrictions due to covid-19. But that's not going to stop us we will be releasing our album around Fall of 2020!!!