Alt-Rock Group Insider Shows Us What 2019 Radio Rock Is!

From Milton, Vermont - today we have the grace of a Rock group who are proving they have what it takes to make waves on the radio in 2019. Insider show is what they have to offer with “Little Less Crazy”

When the song starts, “Little Less Crazy” makes you feel anything but that. The song is driving of raw emotion and the heavy guitars coupled with gut-busting drums that absolutely rock your world. “Little Less Crazy” has been gaining traction on Rock radio and there’s no doubt in our minds as to why. The chorus makes you feel the reminiscent vibes of raw rock music but has something unique to offer. With sounds similar to Wolfmother, Black Sabbath, and Led Zepplin, Insider’s vocals, provided by Zac Young, offer something unique for their sound. The melodies are insanely catchy and compliment the riffs incredibly well. Zac isn’t afraid to step out of his lane and show real personality in his vocal performance. The guitar solo at the end of the song melted my face off my head, so be careful when you listen on your own time! These guys are on track to doing some notable stuff and they aren’t slowing down for anyone. Make sure you give this a spin and keep up to date with them for new music and future touring. 

Listen to Insider's music here!


Your new song “Little Less Crazy” is one of the more defining ‘radio rock’ songs we have heard in a long time! What does it mean to you to be a Rock band in 2019 chasing radio play? What sort of challenges have you encountered with this?

Thank you for that, it means a lot to us! The song seems to be a hit among our fans as well. Being a rock band in 2019 carries responsibility. Many bands have adopted this idea of “Rock Revival,” and we’re no different; except we have a different way of going about it. We’re not necessarily just chasing radio play, but we are chasing shares. We had a sit-down conversation with a social media consultant recently. It all starts with word of mouth, and then it spreads to social media. We see this already with our own music! Getting on playlists, and getting bigger names to advocate for you is key! Radio is just one of the ways we like to reach new listeners. The challenge to get accepted onto the radio stations is the quality of our recordings. We used crappy high school microphones to record our E.P, and that will not continue in 2020 for our album. We plan to record in our home studio while our guitar player plans to mix and master the album. He is currently an Audio Engineering major at NVU under the guidance of Grammy-winning engineer Brian Warwick and The Mighty Mighty Bostones bassist, Joe Gittlemen. 

What was the writing process like for “Little Less Crazy” and did you write it with potential radio play in mind?

“Little Less Crazy” was written by our guitar player at three o’clock in the morning in his bedroom. Not overthinking is key when songwriting and the story the song holds is a simple one. The man was trying everything he could to get away from this toxic female who drove him crazy. The song quickly came together after it was introduced for the first time. Everyone had the same vision of how the song should go. Fast, straight forward, and quick to the point. We had no thoughts of radio play when we wrote this, as we were just fooling around playing at our school and nowhere else at the time. All of this newfound success has come to us in just 6 months! 

The track has been played on 99.9 The Buzz (love the name), how did this come to be?

We got courageous one day and entered a competition to be the “Buzz Cut of the Week” on that radio station. We won the competition and had recently played a Buzz sponsored show, so it made too much sense for them not to share our song. Whatever opportunities that present itself, you way the risk and take. The song has also been played on a rock radio station in Boston and somewhere in the U.K (apparently). 

For people who are reading this and haven’t listened yet, where did your influences come from?

Our influences come from many different rock artists. We all are interested in our own sub-genres of rock, and it all comes together to make something unique when we get together to write. Our influences consist of Metallica, Nirvana,  Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, and so much more. The papers have described us as sounding like Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Wolfmother, Foo Fighters, and Muse.

Do you have any plans to expand radio play with this song and tour nationally? 

We do indeed. We plan to email every rock radio station we hear of and submit our music. You should be your own biggest fan as an artist. Advocating for yourself gets you places. We plan to travel around the Northeastern U.S playing gigs in the summer of 2020. We plan to play many different sized acts too. These include festivals in New Jersey, to venues in Toronto, to clubs in Philly. We have a lot of dates being set up at the moment. Making fans through our live set is yet another way we want to make fans.

Lastly, any final words for your fans and potential new listeners?

To fans and potential new listeners: If you live anywhere near the Northeast in the U.S keep on the lookout for future shows in the summer of 2020! Playing live is our passion, and we pride ourselves on putting on a good performance. We plan to release a self-produced album in the spring of 2020! If you want a mix of the new and old ages of rock then this album will be for you! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates about shows and new releases!