Alternative Rock/Metal Group From Los Angeles Bazerk, Releases Their Latest Single “Break Stuff”

Alternative Rock/Metal group from Los Angeles Bazerk, released their latest single “Break Stuff”. "Break Stuff" is a rebellious track that was highly intense and chaotically driven. Listening to “Break Stuff” you get into a tough mood and are mentally prepared to tackle anything that comes your way. “Break Stuff” gives you this exhilarating energy that’s not only radiating but it’s contagious.

Break Stuff” is the exact kind of song that serves as the blueprint for eruptive music. The instrumentation was hard-hitting and volatile while the lyrics were bold and unapologetic. The electric guitar chords, the combustible drum arrangement, and the disorderly vocal belts conduct the exact elements we seek in alternative rock and metal music. Bazerk goes berserk and “Break Stuff” will become the perfect stress relief for those who need a song to help let out any tension they may feel compressed inside. Bazerk is an electrifying and extraordinary band who tends to shock their listeners with their massive sound.