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Amy Loftus Releases Her New Single “Down The Line”

Raised in Chicago, and trained as an actress, and dancer, Amy Loftus is familiar with the stage and satisfying an audience with her multiverse talents! Not only a singer, Amy has worked as a voice-over, commercial, stage and screen actress. With a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Painting, Amy loftus is also a certified Yoga instructor. I guess you can say she’s a woman with many talents! Despite this impressive track record, Amy Loftus considers singing and songwriting her true passion.

Amy Loftus releases the joyful and delighted single “Down The Line” off her serene album “Keep Me Wild”. "Down The Line" is an interesting fusion of classic country melodies, with a subtle pop rock delivery. Close your eyes, and just listen to the harmonious sounds from Amy’s vocals and the peaceful tunes from the instrumentals. You’re bound to get lost within the music and taken on an incredible, unforgettable journey. Currently, typing this review while sitting in Starbucks has me so content and it isn’t due to my mood itself but the amount of relaxation I receive from “Down The Line”. It has a way of snatching your full attention and leaving you mesmerized. Amy’s vocals are the standardized all American voice texturized by a soft, silk-like texture that’s special to Amy Loftus herself. Just like a lotus flower, Amy Loftus' voice is blossoming throughout the music. “Down The Line” is perfect for finding a song that tends to your imagery, while keeping your peace intact. “Down The Line” isn’t the only song on “Keep Me Wild” we were impressed with. This album is just a full project of addictive melodies you can’t get enough of. Another noteworthy record on this single will be “Freeway” for me. While keeping the chilled energy in tact, Freeway was able to strengthen the imagery sense I felt by listening to “Down The Line”. Not only that, but the lyrics in “Freeway” was just more fun, outgoing, and charismatic for me. Nonetheless, Amy Loftus has an album filled with hits and we’re excited to see what’s next for her!

Make sure you give a listen to "Down The Line" here!


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