An Unbelievable Multi-Talented Artist, Josh Kroehn Talks 2019 Recap and Plans for the New Year!

Josh Kroehn is a storyteller in its purest form. His music sole purpose is to move its listener and he does a very good job at doing so. He released his debut single independently on July 19th and was met with immediate success in the Triple J Unearthed charts, peaking at number 7 and earning reviews from Triple J presenters and producers. He has sparked a huge interest in multiple platforms (including our own) and been a consistent success ever since. Josh music is written about life, and one thing you can be assured of is that the music will always come straight from the heart of Josh and it’s highly authentic. Josh Kroehn authenticity is what’s favorable and attracts you into his music and his presence.

Josh has performed in various venues around Adelaide, South Australia, delivering a live show where the audience is absorbed into his musical compositions and can expect the unexpected. His original tone and unconventional guitar techniques take center stage. Josh’s music delves into a world where his guitar playing creates textures that carry, conflict and challenge his vocal tones and colors in biographical confessionals. His artistry is truly one of a kind and you can’t find another Josh Kroehn anywhere else.

Listen to Josh Kroehn's music here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Josh Kroehn! Mind telling us more about your background. How was it growing up and how did you discover your passion for music?

Thank you for having me back! My passion for music developed at a really young age, mainly due to my parent's record collection that I had access to. I owe a lot to my parents as they have always supported me, especially with music. I started guitar lessons when I was 9 years old at school and was fortunate enough to have a phenomenal teacher who helped shape me into the guitarist I am today. When I was younger I was mostly into Rock and Metal, which was led by looking up to popular guitar icons and wanting to emulate them. In my teenage years, I started listening to more singer-songwriter music as well as other more alternative genres and sub-genres of Rock and Metal, seeking out mostly sad music as my teenage years were plagued with painful and tragic events. This is when I started vocal lessons, which my Mum bought me as a surprise birthday present, and from there I started writing songs as a solo artist.

2019 has been a big year for you! Let's talk about your releases this year! You released 'Processed Life' in July and 'Here I Burn' in September. How do these differ from one another? What was the creation process like for both?

Both songs were written 4 years ago when I was at Uni in a degree program that I was becoming progressively less interested in. ‘Processed Life’ came about from my feelings of being trapped in what felt like a process and wanting to break free and pursue music instead. The music always comes first for me and I came up with the intro/verse riff and chorus riff sitting on my bed on my cheap little acoustic guitar, with this song originally being an acoustic song. The abrupt dynamics from the clean to distorted electric guitar came about from wanting to give the chorus some more attitude and to reflect the lyric more. ‘Here I Burn’ is about my self-doubt that I’ve always had to deal with, which I’m starting to overcome. The guitar part came about through exploring an open C tuning that one of my acoustic guitars was tuned to for playing ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver, and I just really enjoyed the harmonic possibilities of this tuning. The piano and string arrangements followed and from there my good friend Noah added some percussion. Compositionally the song structure and builds came about organically and I wanted to create a defeated yet hopeful vibe.

You recently released an EP 'Something I've Found' in October. Can you tell us about the theme you chose for this?

The theme of the EP really is stated right there in the title. It’s about finding something that I genuinely enjoy doing and can dedicate myself to because for a while there when times were tough I was struggling to do that. It’s also a lyric from the chorus of ‘Processed Life’, which is the most summative lyric of the EP in my view.

Favorite song from your EP? Why?

For me, it is between ‘Don’t Fight’ and ‘Back In Time’. Both songs are really personal for me and were written more recently than ‘Processed Life’ and ‘Here I Burn’. I am enjoying experimenting with open tunings, particularly with a quite low dropped 6th string to give a strong sense of bass notes, coupled with more emotive melodies/riffs that come about with my fingerstyle technique. Both ‘Don’t Fight’ and ‘Back In Time’ feature this approach to the guitar parts. If I had to pick between them though I would be leaning more towards ‘Back In Time’ as I really enjoy playing it live and people seem to connect with it. I feel it’s fairly relatable in wanting to go back to a time when things were more simple with someone.

If you could choose one artist to collab with on a full album, who would it be? Why?

This is so tough since I am a music lover, first and foremost and I have such an eclectic taste in music. On one hand, I would love to make an instrumental album with a band like Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Sigur Rós, but I would also love to work with a female artist like Julien Baker or Phoebe Bridgers who I could harmonize with vocally and create a harmonically rich vocal experience (they would be doing the heavy lifting though, as they’re incredible singers compared to me). In the future, I would like to venture in to more classically influenced instrumental music, as I feel it’s important that new classical/classical-crossover projects keep emerging, as I have grown up enjoying the works of Bach, Chopin, and Wagner to name a few. So perhaps I would have to go with working with Keaton Henson on a symphony, as I saw his ‘Six Lethargies’ performed at the Sydney Opera House earlier this year and it was a night I’ll never forget.

What's next for you as 2019 comes to an end?

I am just putting the finishing touches on a full-length debut album, so expect to hear new Josh Kroehn singles in early 2020 before the full-album drops about mid-way through 2020.