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Andre De Brito Has Nothing To Fear With His Love By His Side On “Queen of Spades”

When you find that special someone, anything seems possible.

Harnessing the power of the guitar, bass, drums, piano, and more to create a one-of-a-kind listening experience, singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Andre de Brito has long marched to his drum.

A fiercely passionate artist whose undeniable talent has seen him build a loyal following for himself, his ability to capture the heart and the mind through his delightful musical offerings has seen his stock rise as he looked to cement his legacy in the scene. As he continues to push his craft even further, de Brito seems like he’s positioned himself for a breakout run, and his ascent seems almost inevitable.

Originally from Portugal, the artist Andre de Brito would split his time between the vibrant cities of Lisbon, London, and Los Angeles, which are united by a shared possession of rich musical spirit. His music has been played in radio stations in places as diverse as the USA, UK, Netherlands, and France (among others), showing the much-coveted ability to make music so good it transcends trivial things like language and national lines.

Driven by the desire to continue making music that touches his audience on a deeper level, de Brito’s releases continue to be imbued with an underlying passion that’s becoming increasingly hard to resist.

“Queen of Spades” is one of those releases that feels like quintessential Andre de Brito. The track begins with the gentle sound of the waves washing over the shore, instantly draining your stress away before a vibrant beat kicks in and gets you in the groove.

Accompanied by a gorgeous black and white music video shot on the beach, de Brito strums his guitar as he dances and walks with his female companion, his “Queen of Spades.” Triumphantly singing, “No matter what we do/ No matter what we say / No one can take this love away,” “Queen of Spades” is not just a song. It’s a celebration of love.

Andre de Brito’s “Queen of Spades” is a joyous celebration of having someone you can love as freely as the boundless ocean waves. Whenever you’re ready for some liberating new music, tap in and stream Andre de Brito’s release “Queen of Spades,” available on all majour streaming platforms.

We were captivated by your latest release, "Queen of Spades." It's a delightful and liberating addition to your repertoire. Please share with us your initial vision for this release.

"Queen of Spades" holds a special place in my heart as it is a single and inspired album of the same name. I recorded this track during the summer of 2020, and the music video was shot in October of that same year. Initially, I created a pop record heavily influenced by disco, funk, and house music. However, as time passed and I continued composing and releasing new singles, the album's concept evolved. Ultimately, it took on a dual personality, one deeply rooted in dance music and another embracing a more intimate, introspective vibe.

What aspect of the creative process do you find most exhilarating when crafting a release?

For me, the entire process of composition and recording is incredibly exhilarating. While some musicians prefer the stage, I'm drawn to the soul-searching and constant generation of musical ideas in the studio. I enjoy playing various musical instruments but am always open to collaborating with fellow artists. Creating an entire album on your own can be a monumental task. In future releases, I plan to collaborate with a band in the studio to make the process more manageable if the opportunity arises.

How would you define the quintessential Andre de Brito release?

If I encapsulate the essence of an Andre de Brito release, it would undoubtedly be musical diversity. I enjoy blending various musical genres and embarking on different creative paths. While I understand that from a commercial standpoint, crafting an album with such diversity may only sometimes be the most conventional approach, my mind is constantly inundated with artistic ideas that are sometimes difficult to contain.

If your audience could take away just one thing from your music, what would you hope it to be?

I want my listeners to embrace the concept of musical diversity. Creating an album that traverses diverse musical landscapes might seem unconventional in an era where everything is meticulously categorized. However, I find it challenging to control the influx of artistic ideas in my mind, and this diversity is what makes music so rich and intriguing.

What's on the horizon for Andre de Brito? Can we anticipate more new music soon, and is there a message you'd like to convey to your fans?

I have exciting plans in the pipeline! I'm working on new material and will release a brand-new album next year. I want to reduce the time between my releases and share more music. I'm eager to share my musical journey with you all. I want to express my gratitude to my fans for your unwavering support. Your enthusiasm fuels my creative spirit, and I can't wait to embark on this musical adventure with you. Stay tuned for more captivating tunes shortly!


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