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Angel T. Makes Us Dance with Chill Modern Rap Single “Le Chateau”

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Angel T. is an up and coming Canadian hip hop artist. He has always had a passion for music and likes to incorporate “suave Salvadorano” backgrounds to his rap verses. Angel T. is known for his natural ability to create a catchy melody that people can dance to accompany his vocals. Through his music, Angel T.’s ultimate goal is to be able to connect with and motivate his audience by using his lyrics to express his beliefs and ideas.

With “Le Chateau,” Angel T. has created a chill rap, hip hop song that will have fans bopping their heads to his beat. He flows between an R&B style relaxed rap and a higher energy hip hop style with fluidity throughout the song. The backtrack remains steady during “Le Chateau” with a simple beat and piano cords creating a subtle melody. Angel T. represents his home country well by including a small bilingual aspect to his song “Le Chateau.” He spends most of the song singing about the physical beauty of a woman. The woman seems to allure him and make him feel vulnerable. He then switches the message of the song to living on a whim and enjoying life as he repeats the phrase “only for the night.” Lyrically, he highlights the importance of seizing the moment and embracing high energy and no pressure lifestyle. Angel T. sings about meeting his current flame at “Le Chateau” during the chorus. Angel T. brings his audience a rap song they will be dancing too while he celebrates a partying lifestyle.

Listen to “Le Chateau” here.

Can you describe to us what your goal was in creating this song? What message did you want to send?

"Le Chateau" was produced to be a fun and sexy vibe that you can party or chill to. As a Gemini, this record would fall towards the suave, fun, easy-going side of my personality. I wanted to showcase that while being able to create a safe and comfortable environment for the ladies. I wanted to make sure that my song had a raw vibe you could let loose to, but wasn't derogatory towards anybody.

You referenced your home town the 6ix (Toronto) during “Le Chateau.” How has growing up in a big city like Toronto impacted your career as a musician?

Growing up in Toronto has had a huge impact on my career as a musician. Over the 26 years of my life, I've been able to experience a wide range of cultures. I have many friends with various backgrounds, so growing up I was exposed to tons of different kinds of music. It's not uncommon for us to be jamming to reggaeton, dancehall, reggae, soca, r&b, classic rock, pop or even electronic music! I was born in 94 so naturally, as my friends and I got older we started to develop an attraction to hip hop. It wasn't long after that before I fell in love with it. All of these factors have played into my unique style of vocals and version of "Toronto Slang" you'll hear in my records. Not to mention being Canadian gave me a slight french influence, hence the name "Le Chateau".

You have said that you want to use your music to influence your audience to take on life’s challenges. Can you elaborate on how your music inspires your fans? Why is this important to you?

To me, what makes a good song is the song's ability to make you feel something. When I write a song and invest time into producing the record from start to finish, I want to create a special vibe I can share with everyone I know. I always aim to create a vibe that gives you a couple of minutes where you can just enjoy yourself. If I can help make your day that much better, then I'm happy. Music can be inspirational in many different ways, there's nothing like putting on one of your favorite songs when you need to get on a certain wavelength. That's why it is so important to me that my music inspires people, especially in a positive way. As I release more projects, I hope to be able to continue doing so.

“Le Chateau” has been successfully gaining more listens every day! Can you tell your audience what we can expect from you in the future?

I am super grateful for everyone who's been supporting the record, it means a lot to me. I'll be dropping my second single "Caliente" very shortly, so stay tuned to all of my socials, especially Instagram and Twitter.



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