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Angelo Sole Opens Up in Energetic New Single, “I Wanna Go Homeee”

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Hyperpop musician Angelo Sole discovered his love for music at an extremely young age. He picked up the guitar around seven years old, later branching out and learning over ten other instruments over the course of his musical journey.

His passion for creating led him to begin singing extremely early on as well. Once he honed in on these skills, he started participating in the local Austin music scene, playing local coffee shops, and busking on South Congress to perfect his craft. With a passion and drive for performing and creating, Angelo Sole has put out a number of captivating releases so far, building up his roster and perfecting his sound.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at his most recent single, “I wanna go homeee”. Angelo Sole has infused elements of Pop and electronic music elements to create a track that is Hyperpop perfection. The production throughout the single is infused with energy, constantly propelling and driving the track forward. This momentum is perfectly matched in Sole’s vocal delivery. It’s powerful and forceful, taking listeners on a journey through what feels like some sort of outer space experience with the sonic elements that back it up.

Despite the upbeat, energetic production throughout “I wanna go homeee”, Angelo Sole demonstrates intimacy and vulnerability within his lyricism, inviting listeners into the inner workings of his thoughts. He is vulnerable and raw with his songwriting, detailing themes of loneliness and hardship throughout the track. “Broken spokes just like I'd hoped always invoked, If you can't tell it's been that way my mind's been always broke." His introspective and imagery-driven lyrics paint a clear image for the listener, and we applaud his ability to be so open in his songwriting.

Angelo Sole has managed to captivate us with his Hyperpop, energized single as well as his captivating songwriting, and we can’t wait to see what the talented artist comes up with next. Go and show Angelo Sole some love on his latest release, “I wanna go homeee”, available now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Angelo Sole, and a big congratulations on your new single “I wanna go home.” Can you shed a little bit of light on your inspiration behind the track?

This song started out as me making a "generic" beat but turned into something way more. I think as artists one of the hardest things to do is knowing when there is too much of something and this song was a real exercise in simplicity for me. I think I deal with a lot of ideas of exclusion and how my mental illnesses can very much affect how my world is shaped in this song. I have always felt very out of place in social situations, and because of this, I found it comforting to think up a fictional story where I am able to have a definitive reason why I don't fit in. In the case of this song, it is because I'm not really from this planet and in fact, there is a different world full of people who are a "little more like me". This song at its core is just about a lonely emo alien stuck on earth praying to get home.

Your lyrics definitely exude themes of loneliness and sorrow, and we want to thank you for inviting us in on that experience. Was it tough to tap into such personal and vulnerable feelings while writing?

I think for me lyrics are always just a stream of consciousness. I feel like I'm not good at dissecting words and looking at how different syllables sound, I just write exactly what I'm thinking at the moment so hopefully by writing my lyrics in this way I am able to be vulnerable with my music.

We really are captivated by the production behind your lyrics in “I wanna go homeee”. What was the process like in creating this track? Did you have a vision in mind for the production when you began recording? Did anyone help you bring this vision to life?

Usually, when recording songs I love to put as much distortion and crazy effects and filters on my voice as possible, simply because I think it sounds really cool. Now I like to sing a lot and usually when I show people my music they are like, "why are you hiding your voice behind so many layers of effects your voice is nice". I don't like how my voice sounds with fewer effects, but with this song, I wanted to try to maintain all the character of my natural voice so that I can take into account what people are saying about my music and keep my original vocal production methods. So the vocal production in this track was a compromise between what I want and what others seem to want from me. I record everything in my room and I produce all my tracks independently so I hope that I am able to stay authentic to what I want to, while also taking my listener's opinions into consideration.

Did you have a specific idea in mind of you who hoped this song would resonate with the most? What do you hope listeners will take away from this song while listening?

I don't think I ever write with the intention of writing a song for someone else. I can't really make art thinking that someone will like it, I make art because I want someone to have it. So I don't think I had any vision of who will like this song or who can relate to this song, I'm just more hoping to be screaming out into the void my feelings and demons, and hopefully along the way some people can resonate with it.

What's next for you?

I just released a new collaboration with Russian Hyperpop Star, Lil, Ru called "I Don't Mind You". That's pretty new, but I don't really know what's "next" for me. The most I can do is just make music every day and hopefully, that takes me somewhere!!

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