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Angelo Sole Sings An Electric Tale With His New Single “I Wanna Go Homeee”

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Angelo Sole discovered his love for music after singing and picking up the guitar around seven years old. He then branched out, becoming a multi-instrumentalist and Hyperpop singer/songwriter, producing and engineering all of his own records.

Angelo started participating in the local Austin music scene, playing local coffee shops, and busking on South Congress to perfect his craft. Angelo has a captivating roster of sonic experiences that display his musical evolution.

Angelo's songwriting comes from a natural stream of consciousness. He writes exactly how he feels in the moment. This is evident in Angelo's new captivating single, "I wanna go homeee," where he expresses an intimate look into the thoughts of an emotional, lonely alien on earth, praying to get back home to his tribe.

Angelo has always felt very out of place in social situations, and because of this, he found it comforting to think up a fictional story where he's able to have a definitive reason as to why he does not fit in. As vulnerable as the lyrics and essence of the record are, the production throughout the single is infused with high energy, constantly propelling and driving the track forward. "I wanna go homeee" is a song you can dance, cry, and get lost in. All of these powerful ingredients come together, creating the perfect, dynamic Hyperpop record.

Listen to "I wanna go homeee" available now on all streaming platforms, and catch up on BuzzMusic's exclusive sit down with Angelo here.


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