Anika Asks "Are You Down," In A Gorgeous New Video Release

From Laguna Beach, California, singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Anika puts on quite the alluring performance in her latest single and accompanying music video, "Are You Down."

Anika has something to say, and listeners can hear her relentless and passionate nature through each of her breathtaking tunes. Although her songwriting reflects the Gen Z experience, Anika adds old-school twists with influences like Queen, ABBA, and Bruno Mars. Anika has recently been working with producer Mark Vogel to create songs under various pop approaches.

Recently releasing her soothing and desirous single, "Are You Down," Anika also released a music video for the soulful tune while showering us in her radiant and lush performance. We love this song's passion and heart; it reminds us of a unique female rendition of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak.'s "Smokin' Out The Window."

Expanding on the single, "Are You Down," the song harmoniously opens with Anika's soulful and vibrant harmonies that softly drop into a soothing and groovy pop/r&b atmosphere. As she begins to serenade us with her warm and tender vocals, Anika continues to display endless love and affection for someone special while hoping to only go higher with them by her side.

Taking a look at the music video for "Are You Down," Anika definitely tied in some of her nostalgic influences into this video as she wears black arm-length gloves and holds her dial-up phone up to her ear. From the recording studio to the stage, Anika graces us with her stunning performance to help us learn more about the young singer-songwriter's poised stage presence.

Crack open the beauty within Anika's latest single and music video, "Are You Down." Find the song on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.