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Artist Spotlight: Appreciate the Authentic Honesty of FREDDY

She’s spontaneous, she’s magnetic, she’s fearless, and you won’t want to stop listening to her songs.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, FREDDY is the type of artist who draws inspiration from a multitude of music styles to come up with her unique, genre-bending sound.

With a contagious stage presence that can even be felt through your headphones, FREDDY has been capturing the hearts of her fans through lively soundscapes and poetic lyricism. She appreciates the finer sounds from traditional instruments like the piano but doesn’t hesitate to artistically combine tradition with electronic engineering.

FREDDY’s songwriting process often comes naturally without any planning; it’s as if she’s hit with a tidal wave of emotion, passion, and ideas. She takes advantage of her current mindset after impactful life experiences and pours her soul into her lyricism and musical production.

Without trying too hard to come up with a ‘hit song,’ FREDDY stays true to her authentic self by exposing the inner workings of her mind to her audience with explicit honesty.

Learn more about FREDDY here.



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